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Use video to push your brand image and educate your audience

Video is cheaper than ever and can even be made to a great standard on a smartphone. With a new brand, it is important to spread the word as fast and efficiently as possible. An

Create great content and be your own cheerleader

A new business can struggle to make an impact in a competitive market. The best way to get your brand name out there is to create great content and establish your business as an authority. This is a great way to build anticipation for your product by writing a series of blogs in the lead up to your launch. Use seo services & social media to create buzz and disseminate your content to the wide world and build your following. Once you launch, use the list of followers you have built in the preceding months to take your business beyond what could be achieved through a traditional marketing campaign. Establish your multi-channel vendors from the start and ensure all your descriptions and on-page content is precise across your entire offering. Content isn’t simply the About page and your home page, you need to maintain high standards throughout your site to ensure your audience is convinced.

Offer a launch promotion to boost sales and bring customers back

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When your site launches it is the perfect time to offer a promotion that will entice a customer to make a purchase from a site they have never been to before. Online shopping requires brand trust, which is something that many businesses struggle to build initially. Offering a discount on their first purchase, then following it up with a voucher or offer for their next order, will help develop a rapport.

Be on the ball with your customer service from day one

Problems can strike at any time, on day one or day 1000. This makes it vital for your business to be addressing customer issues the minute they arise. An unattended unhappy customer can be poison for a new eCommerce business. Social media makes it faster and easier than ever before to make their voice heard and once it goes public you have a finite amount of time to put the fire out. Most people understand that things can go wrong, it is the feeling of being ignored or neglected that will make them take their grievances public. Over-deliver on your customer service by giving them more than they bargain for. The cost of a replacement product or a complimentary one is insignificant compared to the damage that not appeasing them can cause.


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