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How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Your Online Business

Artificial intelligence is transforming many industries all over the globe. Simply referred to as AI, it is being applied in sectors such as manufacturing, customer service, marketing, and the design industry as well.

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Your Online Business

Artificial intelligence is also being applied in the healthcare, journalism, video game entertainment, and financial industries. Below we have explored how AI can empower you to construct, launch, and increase the size of your online business.

Brand Creation

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Your Online Business

Today, it is very important for an online business to have a strong brand. Brand awareness contributes directly to the potential for revenue.

There are many AI tools which can help you establish your own brand. Majority of these tools don’t even require you to have a design background.

In the logo making industry, for example, the Canada-based company Logojoy is using  artificial intelligence to help you create a logo for your business. You will be asked to put in your business name, your preferred design, and then the AI app comes up with hundreds of different and unique logos that you can choose from.

You can then pick out a logo that complements your brand colors and general message to your target market; all for a very small price. You will also have the option to print out business cards from the app.

Website Creation

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Your Online Business

A lot of innovation has recently been performed in the website building industry. Companies have developed effective AI applications that have made web design so much easier and cheaper.

One such company is Bookmark Website Builder. They have an Artificial Intelligence software that asks you a few questions about your business, like your business name and the industry it belongs.

After providing these information, the AI software then browses its extensive database and comes up with a design within a few minutes. If you are not satisfied with the initial design, you can just ask the AI to generate another one until you have one that satisfies you.

The AI will rearrange images, text sections, and strategic elements to create a professional-looking website that is ideal for your industry, all for the price of a few dollars.

Traffic Generation

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Your Online Business

Once you have created a brand and a website for your online business, the next step is to get some visitors to your site. The manual way involves promotion and advertising on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Google +. This process is tedious, expensive, and time-consuming.

Thankfully, there is an artificial intelligence solution for online marketing. Known as Boomtrain, it utilizes AI predictive intelligence to automate a variety of aspects in your marketing like mobile push notifications and email marketing.

Customer Assistance

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Your Online Business

After getting online users to visit your website and getting revenue from the sale of your products and services, it is now important to pay attention to providing support to your customers.

Just like all other aspects of building and running an online business, you can rely on artificial intelligence to perform this for you. There are AI solutions such as Nanorep which are active customer service bots. They provide businesses with intelligent customer service.

The bots work day and night to receive queries and solve problems for your customers. Unlike human service representatives, they don’t go to the office late, don’t take vacation leaves, and don’t sleep. They work round the clock and sort out client problems 24/7. This creates a very high level of business efficiency and increases customer satisfaction, all leading to improved sales.

Artificial intelligence is currently disrupting a number of industries, and might even cause the end of some. Rather than be upset about it, though, you should grab the opportunity to make AI work for you.

As an online business owner, it is high time for you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence technologies. They can make it easier for you to run your business and provide a competitive advantage over your competition.

Solutions such as Bookmark and Logojoy help you to save energy, money, and time as you construct an online business brand and website. In addition to that, solutions such as Nanorep and Boomtrain can also help you to become more effective and efficient in your marketing and customer service provision.

While we don’t expect AI to disrupt and end every traditional business that we have nowadays, it will certainly empower the individuals working in these industries to work smarter and get more done in shorter periods of time in a more effective and efficient manner.


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