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An Introduction to Backing up Data- Online as Well as Offline

If you check out the meaning of the term back up in technological terms then back up refers to saving or the restoring of data even if the files are deleted due to unusual reasons. There are two types of back up. File backup can be an offline backup and the other is an online backup.

An Introduction to Backing up Data- Online as Well as OfflineBack up are very important. Among the regular user of the getting files deleted is a common activity, sometimes you accidently delete it or at times viruses attack your useful documents. A loss of hard drive can also cause a fatal attack on your computer. This can be anything; you may be in serious loss of family photos, valuable documents, downloaded music and many more. With the help of back up you can save the content at the other places, and hence protect them. There are several ways of getting them saved. You can save it in CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, flash drives, network drives, or you can even go for the online storage of the data, for instance windows like skyDrive. It is always a lucrative idea that to store the data at the various places.

When we talk about the online back services, it is a remote back up, that helps in the offsite data storage which continuously back up the files, folder and other useful content on a remote server or computer with a network connection. However, online backup is little costlier in comparison to the file back. Nevertheless, it is one of the safest ways of back up since it regularly saves the files to the hard disk. If you are using a very high –speed internet and web browser it will show the remote files and folder flashing, if they stored in the external local hard drive. In such cases, the encryption and password protection is lucrative to give privacy and security.

If you are interested in the online backup, several companies are subscribers for these services. There is a wide range of online backup services, and you can choose according your needs. This can be for the individual customers as well as for the larger enterprises. For the larger companies it can prove to be beneficial one, since a large number of valuable data is store with security. To add, there are many myths related to the online back up for instance; people assume it insecure, unreliable, and highly expensive. Nevertheless, beyond the clouds of doubt, you can see a good technological use.


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