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How To Value A Domain Name- Domain Valuation

If you are considering buying or selling a domain name, it is important that you know its value. Whatever the value of the domain name that is what the buyer will pay for it. A seller may quote a very high price for a domain name but that may not necessarily be its worth.

Most people wanting to sell a domain name immediately go to an appraisal site so as to determine the value of the domain. Some may prefer getting the appraisal from several sites so as to compare or get an average value. Some free appraisal sites are such as Instica for instance, will give you an instant appraisal for your domain name using the latest technology.

Most appraisals are usually estimates of the value of the domain name and you are not guaranteed that the domain name will sell at that value. One can be tempted to sell their domain name at the highest quoted price.

Buyers of domain names will most of the time want domain names that are already successful. A site that is already proven to be successful will carry these traits to the next owner. There are some things that you can check in order to establish the worth of your domain name:

How To Value A Domain Name- Domain Valuation

  • Spelling of the domain name and how memorable it is. A domain name that is easy to remember will definitely cost more.
  • The length of time that the domain has been live can also affect its worth. A domain that has been around for a long time will rank better that has been established recently. This then means that it will have a higher value. Some of the sites that have been around longer are not for sale and hence in order to convince the owner to sell it, you might be required to pay more money.
  • The number of words in the domain name also affects its worth. Domains with fewer words will cost more than those with many words.
  • Extension of the domain. The most common domain extension is the .com extension. Most browsers are usually default to this type of domain extension. This therefore means that a domain name with .com extension will cost more than one with a different type of extension.

There are many ways to increase the value of your domain name. For example, you can work on your SEO, improve on the content and ensure that you adequately market your site. Maintaining your site and ensuring that it is well updated will increase the worth of your domain name. By taking these measures, you could sell your domain name at a good price and hence earn a profit.



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