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Planning to look your best for the next business event you are going to attend? Be it your best friend’s wedding or cousin’s engagement or a corporate dinner, the way you present yourself matters a lot. It not only boosts your confidence, but also makes people around feel much more comfortable to hang around with you, in turn making your presence felt.

What to Wear and how to Wear?

Suits and blazers are made out of different fabrics – some are cotton finish while some are composed of an amalgamation of different fabrics. You can choose a matt finish or one that has a glossy touch – all depending on the occasion you are planning to attend. There are a variety of cuts and designs to choose from all tailor-made ones, for experiencing the best feel. Suits are generally worn with formal trousers, mostly with pleats that give them the less casual appearance. We have a guide that makes you aware of the different options you could have if you are planning for that sober look for the next official party or business meeting or even a private party.

Suits come in different colours – while some people prefer lighter shades for meetings, some othersprefer darker contours, like black, brownish or a charcoal grey suit.

Suits can be plain and simple without any prints on it or it could have stripes of the same colour or a different contrasting colour. The shirt you wear inside a suit or a blazer coat is generally a broad collared shirt of a colour that complements the hue of your coat very well. It depends on the fabric, the colour as well as the design of the suit, what type of a shirt you should be wearing. Generally, simple or may be light striped suits are accompanied by simple shirts devoid of any designs. Ones with a design finish are more intended towards casual parties like a friend’s wedding or a cousin’s engagement or a social gathering to celebrate a birthday.

The buttons of the suit and the choice of pockets add a lot of context to the suit you wear. Some people prefer suits having chest pockets along with side pockets while some prefer only side pockets. The pockets are with or without buttons – you have an option to choose. Some people feel without buttons make the coat look dull while others prefer button less pockets to add a touch of simplicity to their outfit. Buttons, be it of a metallic finish or a plastic finish, look good at the sleeves around your wrists and around the collar lining. You can try looking at a variety of suits to build a preference the next time before going to the shop.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Polished shoes add to the look and feel of the formal attire. You can go for a black shoe or a brown coated polish depending on your taste and preference and what looks best with the colour of your suit. Generally, a shoe with a thick sole is worn with formal dresses when you want to give a touch of business or corporate feel. On the other hand, flat shoes with extra shine or designs or heels are more to go hand in hand with casual wear in general.

Choose the right fashion products and be the most stylish man to draw attention of the crowd.


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