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How To Improve Self-Confidence?

Are you lagging behind self-confidence? Don’t you have enough faith or belief in yourself? Are there any other problems for not having or lagging self-confidence in yourself? This all happens for only one reason. It is all because of the fear in you for not believing the talent and faith in yourself. You may be in a mind set that “I cannot make it or I am not better enough to do it” are some of the mindsets people usually maintain when they are in a fear of lagging self-confidence. Some people say that they feel nervous, or either feel anxious or fear throughout the day. These type of people cannot even focus on their particular work or day to day activities. They are even scared to go to public places such as the malls, office and many more. They love to stay in home and even stay more loneliness. They feel more tensed and even sweats a lot for no reason. They even suffer from frequent headaches because of the tension they feel usually. Why do those type of people feel like this. How to eradicate or overcome this behavior? How to make them a normal person back again?

How To Improve Self-Confidence?

There was a great saying by Franklin D. that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” What actually is Fear? Why should we fear for something? Here are some of the typical and amazing reasons for these questions.

Fear is an emotion in the field of heart and mind that your brains stops working in way of thinking and your heart starts functioning more forcefully than ever. It actually comes when yourself or someone is going to face some dangerous acts or situations. Everybody on this earth will experience fear at least once in their life time. This fear has a very powerful act and effect on our mind and body parts. When people are worried of something then they feel fearful and tensed which will automatically lead to nervousness, worrying and something bad or unpleasant will happen at that particular point of time. We can even face fear in some silly situations such as in the examination halls, speaking on a stage in-front of a huge crowd or while attending an interview whether are you going to crack it or fail it or even for a party where you were invited by a particular person and you do not even know anyone in the party except the one you were invited.

If the fear, anxiety or the apprehension lasts for a longer time then it will show impact on your personal life such as you may not be able to sleep properly by thinking about particular situation you faced previously, even while eating, or while traveling you cannot concentrate properly, or while enjoying a party, going out of house for work like office or any other business work, school or public places. This will affect your overall health and lifestyle. When people of these type feel feel stress or fear then it sends a signal of releasing stress hormones such as the adrenaline into the flowing blood while people are anxious or feel like worrying. This will even impact on your health and body parts such as the heart, muscles and other parts of the body to cause above symptoms. When these hormones adrenaline and the nerve impulses burst out then it will lead to a stressful situations such as a fight or flight response. So, these type of people will be bit aware and try to avoid the situations which make them or bring them fear or anxious or worrying. But somehow, if all these symptoms are developed in a particular person at severe levels even though there is no reason to worry about, then this category is diagnosed as the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). So, for those people who are suffering from this type of symptoms or the Generalized Anxiety Disorder then they will generate negative thoughts and think that their things or work will always go weird.

People those who are suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder will commonly experience symptoms such as acute or chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, stiffness and even debilitating pain.

How To Improve Self-Confidence?

Here are some of the reasons for overcoming fear and anxiety.

There was a great saying by Richie Norton that “To escape fear, one need to go through it and not around.”

No matter what type of anxiety problems you are suffering from or how severe they are, but here are some important facts that you need to understand about anxiety.

Fact 1

Actually to say it frankly, anxiousness is a normal and adaptive system in the human body that will warn us when we are in danger. It does not mean that it will eliminate it but it will manage it. It is never ending process in the field of anxiety.

Fact 2

This anxiety is a severe problem or a great problem when one’s own body tells that there is a problem or a real danger in the front when there is no danger at all. That is nothing but when people who are suffering from anxious or worrying think that they were in danger even though they are not, but their body reacts as if that they are really in danger.

So, to overcome or get rid of this issue or problem that first and the foremost thing that an infected person need to do is that he or she should understand that they every time have a choice about how to respond to a dangerous issue or how to look into a serious matter and deal with the fear. Once can lock fear, struggle fear, accept fear and work around the fear.

The exact definition of Fear

Redefine and re-frame the word fear. why not think of fearless. Here is an abbreviation for FEARLESS.

F stands for “Face the Truth”

Face the fact that what actually and really frightens you in your daily activities and your enjoy, mental and pleasant life? One can face it and can challenge the fear from any angle and at any point of time. One need to separate the fears which are not necessary. Why do we need to fear for the situations that do not happen around us? Better to maintain good, strong and bold enough to face any critical situations which have a base. And do not worry about the situations that do not have a proper base or platform.

How To Improve Self-Confidence?

E stands for “Erase Negative Imprints”

Suppose you might have already faced many negative imprints in your past. one need not remind or keep in mind the that you were hurt in some critical situations. But, what you need to keep in mind is that learn from the things that have happened in the past, what actually happened, why it actually happened and what is the reason behind that. So, one need to learn from their past and present better in the future than in the past. if you keep in mind about the negative imprints then you will surely suffer from anxiousness and worrying. Sometimes you will be frightened by remembering the bad or unwanted activities that occurred in the past. So, better think that past is past and think of future and your future. Better remove all the bad incidents that took place in the past by going to a particular place for vacation and many more to become a normal person again.

A stands for “Allow Change”

So as to live better in the future and to make changes in your lifestyle or in your attitude, mentality and ability one need to accept and allow changes to be happened from day to day. Even allow necessary changes to take place in your way even though they are bit worrying or frightening.

Here are some tips to allow changes in your life:

  • It is better to write your own thoughts and workout thoroughly on them.
  • Make sure to yourself about the meanings of the statement and figure out the problems that come across the changes.
  • Motivate yourself to implement and innovate new ideas and thinking.

If you do the same that you used to do earlier then there is no sign of change in you and your attitude. The phobia of fear and worrying is still following you and your path to bring you down in your field such as the business, schools, work places, and even in the public.

R stands for “Relax”

It is better to relax after coming from a particular filed you worked on. Relaxing is the best option to choose for a person to overcome some of the problems and stress a person is facing from. While relaxing one may even get to know of new ideas that strike the mind. So, it is better to relax or meditate and alleviate as much as a person needs to overcome from his or her anxiousness, worrying and frightening. Better calm down, take a long breath, exercise your mind, eat healthy and highly nutritiousness food and avoid alcohol to protect yourself from the effects of stress.

How To Improve Self-Confidence?

L stands for “Listen to Your Intuition”

Make sure that you most of the time listen to your intuition. It is how you understand more different and in all the angles. If a person learns to how to follow his or her own state of mind then their willingness to get rid of this anxiousness can be banish your fears and worrying.

E stands for “End Disagreements”

Maintain a proper relationship with all the people who pass by or whom you meet regularly and do not quarrel for all the simple and the silly things that go around you and the rest. Make sure that a healthy relationship cannot be separated even though you pour plenty of wealth for it.If you fight with the people then you will definitely draw fear in you because they may wait for a perfect opportunity and time and some day and some time will take revenge on you so that you may not even get rid of that fear for your life time. So, a better relationship will bring you fame in the society. Even though people hurt you make sure and understand them that their intention is not to hurt you or harm you for a silly reason. So think twice before you act.

S stands for “Stop”

For those people who are suffering from anxiousness and fear should stop consuming the products that contains caffeine, such as coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks and chocolate. So it is clearly understood that one should not have the products that contain coffee and high amounts of sugars.

S stands for “Secure Yourself”

So, to get rid of anxiousness, worrying and fear forever or for your life time one need to work on his or her self confidence and motivation or attitude. Do not change your attitude for any other reason or for some one who do not like your attitude. It is better to motivate the people who do not like your attitude. Make sure that you are a character designed by the god to play in a theater called world. No one in this world can perform your character better than you. So, do not change your attitude. Fear and anxiousness will get rise from the point where you are lacking belief and confidence in you such as your own abilities and talents.

If you forever live or survive in the filed or belief that “I cannot do it or I am not good enough to it” then it is a sign that you are narrowing your strength to the stream of success. So, better develop a positive thinking in yourself. Have belief in yourself. Do not relay on others for any type of activity. Some people may even criticize you. So, be aware of those type of people which will automatically lack and disappoint, bring down your confidence levels. Hence develop positive thought process which will help throughout your life time.


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