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iPad is the common name given to the range of tablets that are designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first ever iPad was launched in the year 2010. Since then different models have been launched and currently the fifth generation of these smart tablets have been launched recently. Two models of iPad are expected to go on sale starting this month of November. The first generation tablet sold 15 million units from its release until iPad2 was available in the stores. iPad2 added dual core processors and front VGA and rear cameras. The proprietary retina display and new quad core GPUs were added to the third generation tablets from Apple. Also full HD video recording, LTE connectivity were also important features to be present in the model released in the first half of 2012. From the fourth generation of iPads, the lightning connector is offered in place of the older 30 pin connector.  The latest iPad Air and second generation iPad Mini feature Apple’s latest A7 processor. These tabs are a result of sophisticated development and hence while getting repairs done, it is essential to choose a manufacturer approved center. You can find ipad repair Bradford by calling up Apple customer center.

Information On Latest iPad & List Of Must Have iPad Accessories

iPad Air & iPad Mini

The two models named iPad Air and iPad Mini vary in the screen sizes. While iPad Air retains the standard size of the tablets launched by Apple till date, Mini will be available in the 7.9 inch size. This is the second generation of Mini that has been launched. iPad Air will be available in silver, white, grey and black colors and the price will vary as usual according to the memory. The 16GB model with Wi-Fi which is the base model will cost 399 GBP. And the 32 GB, 64 GB and the 128 GB models will cost around 479 GBP, 559 GBP and 639 GBP respectively. iPad Mini will be a bit less expensive than the Air even though it comes with almost similar specs and features. The price can be expected to be around 319 GBP for the 16GB model and rising up to 559 GBP for the 128 GB version. The new model carries much better looks and it is much lighter and thinner than the older version. Also with the new A7 processor, it is expected to be 33% faster than the previous iPad4 model. with the models costing so much, you should be careful while getting any repairs done on the tablet. Authorized and trained personnel should be reached out in case of any issues with the tablet. List of authorized ipad repairs Leeds can be quickly found on yellow pages or by contacting the Apple service center. The iPad Mini is expected to have almost same features and specifications as its bigger brother Air. With the same resolution of display on the smaller size screen, the images might look sharper and clearer on the mini screen than on the Air. With its lighter weight and better looks, the Air has already won over many hearts. The only feature that some users might feel missing is the new touch ID finger print scanner that is available in the latest iPhone.

Must have Accessories for iPad

Once you have decided to purchase your iPad, the next thing you must think about is the accessories to go with it. There are hundreds of accessories out there most of which are not really necessary. But one thing that is essential to protect your tablet will be the iPad cases. There are different types of cases available in different colors. Even though the screens of the tablet are hardy and resistant to scratches, it is always better to use a case on it. It is possible to show your style through a unique case. If you like watching movies in big screens, you will be happy buying the iPad Apple TV connection. This will easily let you watch the selected videos in your connected HD television. Even some games from the Apple store can be played on the big screen when you buy this. For gaming fans, there is no better way to use the tablet than to connect it with iCade. It comes with the bright red joysticks that will remind you of the 80’s video gaming era. Apple is one of the companies that keep on updating its software with a lot of fixes and upgrades. If you live in Leeds and are unsure on upgrading or if you get stuck while upgrading, you should contact ipad repairs Leeds for help. An additional keyboard is a useful accessory to have in case you have to do a bit of typing on your tab. iPads is inbuilt with two internal speakers. But you can add external speakers as accessories for blazing sound.


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