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Design Your Website To Sell Your Business

Many website owners believe that a better website means a revisal of the entire website. Although in some cases this may be true, in our experience, there are a few tricks that you can apply to make a difference on your website, and sell your business. There are hundreds of things that you can do to improve the look of your website, but we will concentrate only on the ones we think are the most important.

Design Your Website To Sell Your Business

1. Narrow the Menu

Do you have a dozen of products on the same column on your navigation bar? If so, you might want to make some room there. The cleanest the navigation the easier it is to find things on your website. You want your visitors to be able to find what they are looking for on your website as easy as possible so that they will come back for information.

2. “Call to Action” on Each Page

Each page of your website should incite your visitors to do something or click on something. No matter if he would buy something or watch or read something, the web design should stimulate him to spend more time on your website.

3. Contact Information

Although it may seem obvious that each website should have its contact information on its front page, you would be surprised to find out there are thousands of websites which do not give this information. Some readers go to your website only to look for your address or phone number. It is for your advantage to make it visible.

4. “About us” Page

Who are you? Do you work by yourself or as a team? When a business man looks for a company to collaborate with, he needs to know as many details about it as possible. Make sure to add your professional experience, your strengths, your projects, and pictures with your team.

5. Widget with Your Location

Most of your possible clients have cars with navigation system. For them, having the coordinates of your address can come in handy as it would be easier for them to come to your address.

6. Create a Logo

Having your own logo is very important for establishing your personality and your brand as well. Make sure the logo you create is improving the notoriety of your brand which in turn helps your clients recognize your company upon seeing it.

7. Give Your Clients the Possibility to Leave Reviews

Your clients use you to get what they need. You can use them to promote your business. If you give your clients the possibility to leave a review on the services they received, you win their trust, and you give them the opportunity to talk about their experience with your business.

8. Erase any Distractions (splash pages, banners, etc)

If you want to sell the image of a professional company, you should most definitely lose any splash pages or banners from your website page. You do not want your clients to be distracted by this unimportant information. You want to convince them to choose you for their job.

Following the above rules will certainly welcome good times for your business and you can win credibility of your clients gradually.

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