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When you’re visiting Rome, design hotel accommodation can provide you with a luxurious base from which to explore the city. Yet what makes a trip to ‘The Eternal City’ worthwhile in the first place? Here are some top reasons to turn yourself into a temporary Roman!
Italians / Romans
Of course, Italians aren’t restricted to only Rome but they are typically such a happy and charming bunch of people that any visit to the capital is a real social experience!
Even those who aren’t in love with history as a subject will be impressed by the wealth of historic sights and locations in this fabulous city. It isn’t just a question of Caesar and other ancient Romans either. The city has a vast wealth of interesting architecture and things to see, starting 2000 years ago and covering all epochs since then.
Pomp and ceremony
The city is capital of the modern Italian state and of the papacy. In fact Vatican City is an independent state in its own right. As such, there are a number of big ceremonial events and spectacles worth seeking out in Rome. Design hotel staff will be a mine of local “insider” information, so don’t be afraid to ask advice.
There’s not much that needs to be said about the beauty of typical Italian cuisine and, in the capital, you’ll find a wide variety of up-market dining opportunities. Many will serve local and regional specialities – and if you think you know pasta, you may think again once you’ve eaten it here.
Many of the above things touch on that most intangible thing – culture. As you might expect, the city is exceptionally well-endowed with galleries, museums, concert venues,
Entertainment centres and so on nothing can be better after a day exploring the past than to experience an evening concert in Rome. Design hotel staff, again, will be your best bet to knowing what’s hot and what not Shopping is
Nobody loves shopping more than the Italians, and the Romans might have an interesting debate with the Milanese about just who is best at it Italy is a major fashion and design centre and just thinking about a few household names in areas such as haute couture will confirm that
Try the Piazza di Spagna or the Via Candiotti if you like designer goods and exclusive surroundings. You can also check out antiques around Piazza Navona or if you like young trendy clothes without big designer brand labels, try Viale Marconi. Keep in mind, though, that designer labels offered in flea markets or on market stalls are likely to be suspect in terms of authenticity – just as would be the case anywhere.
Weather now this is a tricky one! If you like your temperatures hot, anytime in summer will be fine. However, if you like sunshine without scorching heat, try late spring or early autumn – at the height of summer it can be sweltering. In Rome, design hotel accommodation and major shops, stores and restaurants will most likely have air-conditioning, but the streets certainly won’t!
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