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No opportunities for promoting and displaying your business should be missed. Every chance to talk about your company or present what you have achieved so far has to be used for showing the present audience that your business is a serious one and that you are a state-of-the-art entrepreneur who can foresee new events on the market and react in the appropriate way. Now that all this has been stated, the question is how to make yourself and your business ready for such a business occasion, i.e. how to make your participation in a trade show or conference a successful and fruitful one?

Handy Tips For Attractive Trade Show Stands

Distribute duties

One of the most preconditions to participating in a business conference or a trade show is making it clear what member if your staff is responsible for what. If you do not make a clear duty distribution, the end result will be chaotic and pointless participation. One part of your team must be in charge of communicating with foreign partners. Your business fellow who have to travel for a long time to get to the trade show you want to take part in must know at least a half a year in advance about the occasion. It is highly probable that their schedule is brimming with meetings and tasks. Another part of your staff needs to be responsible for the promo materials preparation. You cannot just come to the show without any giveaways or promotional materials and products. So, that part of the marketing section needs to be arranged, as well.

Emphasize Success

As you are preparing for the show, you have to activate all the power you have to present your business as a successful one, with bright future prospects. Due to that, maybe it would be much smarter to stress out and make bold your current results and projects. No matter how creative and foreseeing you are, people need something tangible and tamable. Clear financial results and data about your surplus and general success could be a great way of attracting new customers and clients. If your business has experienced prosperity in international terms, invite your partners from abroad to come and talk about your joint effort. Perhaps these foreign partners will attract other businesses to make a contact with you and you could then act as a mediator between different businesses. Also, you could call a famous person to support your business at a trade show. Although you have to invest some money into it, it will most probably pay off.

Make it Digital

Sole participation with widely-smiling hostesses and printed brochures do not work anymore. While these features should not be neglected or dismissed (especially the hostesses), they need a support in form of modern technologies. Your trade show presentation needs to be digitalized. You have to offer your visitors access to your database and also create some sort of interactive content for the stand. The exhibition stands as a points of sale for your business and its services needs to be enriched with laptops or tablets, serving as POS visual sections for a faster overview of your services and results up to now. Thanks to that, the flow of people at your stand will be faster and they will at the same time be able to gather more information than at stands that are not equipped with such devices.

Author’s bio: Dan Radak is hosting security specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in couple of ecommerce companies. In his free time, he likes traveling and fishing.


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