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Ever since its invention in the early 20th Century, television has captivated society. We use television for entertainment purposes, education, news, and even product marketing. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find many individuals in the United States that don’t have access to a TV in some form. However, the recent rise in cost for services like cable and satellite have put a strain on individuals with low monthly incomes. The cost of these services can run over $200 a month, with the average cost hovering somewhere around $100 in most states.

This spike in fees has caused many to seek alternatives for their television viewing. Whether it’s going to a sports bar to see the big game or visiting a friend just to watch the news, individuals are finding ways to cut costs while still watching the things they want. What many may not realize, though, is that the internet is breathing new life into the way we view our favorite shows, and it’s giving television options to folks who may not be able to afford a costly cable or satellite bill.



You may have already seen the clever commercials for Hulu, which is currently one of the best ways to get your television fix. Hulu operates a lot like Netflix and uses an interface that behaves in a very similar way. Touch controls give you great accuracy when you’re looking through shows and titles. You’ll be able to browse by category, and look for things via a search bar that is always right at your fingertips. The cost of Hulu is around the same as Netflix as well, and will only set you back around $8 per month for the service.

You aren’t getting any movies with Hulu though, this application is dedicated purely to television shows. The upside here is that you get more shows than you would with Netflix, and Hulu’s collection has a lot more room for shows that may not be as popular or well-known. Unlike Netflix, you’re also getting recent releases. Most popular shows that are available on cable and satellite will be here for your viewing pleasure. You won’t get these episodes immediately after they air, but they will show up on Hulu shortly afterwards. You’ll also get to see past seasons and episodes of shows you may have missed, making it very easy to catch up on a drama that has been in production for a while. There are older titles here too and a variety of obscure shows that appear on “less popular channels”.

You still won’t get access to everything you would with cable and satellite, although Hulu strives to get close to the mark. I’ve used this service for sometime now and I am incredibly happy with its performance. There is enough content here to keep you entertained, and all of it streams directly to your device without issue. In fact, I haven’t experienced any slow down, even when viewing high-definition shows on a 3G connection.

I pretty much guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with Hulu. The low price point paired with their impressive expanding catalog of shows makes this a very smart investment.


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