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Communication is one of the most important means of achieving business growth and development. If information is not effectively disseminated, shared, and communicated, a business will inevitably see a stagnation of growth, or even go bankrupt.

One of the types of communication that will surely increase the efficiency of your business is unified communications, or simply UC. Unified communications aims to simplify and unify data and communication through the use of the Internet, telephone, and other communication systems.

The following are some of the benefits of unified communications:

Advanced Communication Telephony

UC features technologically advanced telephony to carry out efficient communication. Because of these features, there are many capabilities that are made possible for your employees. For example, number dialling can be made speedier by assigning hot keys and shortcuts. This will also eliminate the need to use area codes. Your employees will not have to be confused anymore when dialling lengthy numbers. This is especially important when you need to make a call outside of your city or country.

Cisco unified communications will help your business grow

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Another feature of Cisco unified communications is seamless phone calls. For example, your employees can make calls using their desk phone and continue the call without interruption by diverting the call through a mobile phone. This can promote a continuous work flow and even make multitasking possible.

You do not even have to create a separate voicemail for each of your telephonic devices. All your communication devices can have a single voicemail box. Regardless of whether a call comes from your mobile phone, home phone, desk phone, or Voice over IP phone (VoIP), all the messages can be stored in a centralised database.


In the past, a large bulk of expenses for many businesses came from their telephone systems. Because relaying messages over great distances can cost a considerable amount of money, most businesses have had to sacrifice the effectiveness of communication just to save resources. But this all changed with the introduction of UC.

Since communication is carried out through the public domain of the Internet, voice calls, video calls, and even sending instant messages are virtually free. In addition to this, to expand communication abilities, most servers offer affordable plans.

UC can also simplify telephone usage and data gathering. This is very useful to create a comprehensive report for billing and analysis of data usage. Because of this, it will be easy for you to project monthly costs and to perform necessary steps to be more efficient in using UC.


When talking about UC, presence is the term used to refer to the availability of a recipient. When your employee is online, an indicator will show that he or she is active and available for any call. In addition to this, employees can also indicate their status, such as being in a meeting, performing a specific task, displaying their activities for the day, and more.

These are just some of the benefits of UC. It is undoubtedly an indispensable tool that should be included in your business concept and strategy.


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