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The wireless internet provides high speed internet connections all over the world. One can use them in the mobile, laptop, net book and other devices by using the wireless card or modem. The hot spots range from the paid services including Verizon wireless- a public connection. There are many places such as the coffee shops, libraries, hotel lobbies, trains, airports and many other places the hot spots are found. One can access themselves by using the password of the wireless network.

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Disable the WI-FI adapter:

One should not open the wireless connection if he is in home or at works because it will be connected by many wireless networks. Some laptops have the WI-FI connection button that one can stop the option of WI-FI adapter. If one has not this option he can stop them by the operating system of windows 7 or vista.

Choosing more secure connections:

This is easy to select the right connection type but the internet security is complex. When we try to access the internet connection there must be a password option. The information that sent by the networks is encrypted which can help for protecting the unauthorized access.

Make sure about the firewall is activated:

This option helps anyone by preventing unauthorized access to his computer by the internet networks. It checks up all the incoming information and blocks the information which might not come. All the windows operating system have this firewall option and one should check up that this option is on or not.

Accessing points of Monitor:

There might be many wireless internet connections that one may try to access. These types of connections have all access point to access your device. So, one should be make sure that he configures his pc to let him access points before he connects.

Unable file and printer sharing:

Sharing file or printer is an option that other computers on a network to access the resources on anyone’s computer easily. Using the Smart phones is the best option to disable the file and printer sharing. If this option is enabled, the hacker may easily harm him at any point of his pc information.

Encrypt the files:

One can save the files by encrypting them that requires a password option to access them. One can process this in a file with a password option that the unauthorized publics may not visit the file easily.

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