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ITV Unveils A Whole New Website Which Surprises All

ITV has managed another feather in its cap. With its new website coming out, things are certainly looking up for the broadcasting network. They are committed to making changes in order to give the BBC a run for their money.  The website is offering lime streaming, archive videos, UGC content, broadband games and lots of exclusive stuff.

The web meets TV is how one can describe the website. The service is quite extraordinary and never before seen. The ability to stream, catch-up and enjoy videos is something that few people have tried and done successfully. makes that exception. They are doing a very fine job when to come to making changes and adapting well to it. Their stance of providing compelling service to their viewers creates lovely opportunity for others to make the most as well. Advertisers to will benefit from the coming of the ITV website.

ITV Unveils A Whole New Website Which Surprises All

ITV Website Key Features:


The click and view industry is certainly shaping things up and is changing the way we watch our shows. ITV is providing instant access to catch-up with shows in their archive. The website is easy to use. One can use their online guide to see what they would like.

Exclusive Content

The content editors on have to work in close association with program makers to absorb the essence of the ITV programs. Commissioning at a whole 360 degrees, our team works to deliver impressive content for TV and mobile.

This website will offer access to the very best of the best content on ITV. From drama to new, to soaps and lifestyle shows. You can even choose interview packages if you like. Viewers will also have a chance to interact with the crew and cast of hit shows via chat. Viewers will also be able to access blogs to never before seen footage.

Built for Broadband

Web Lives has been launched exclusive to promote great broadband content. The documentary is a creative and innovative show which shows people documenting their lives for 3 minutes only.

Upload User Created Content

Now fans will be able to place their own content on the website. News clips can be submitted too. Just about anyone can now become a correspondent.


Those who are big fans of sports will be able to enjoy rugby, football, cycling with live UEFA Cup, Champions League, Tour De France and Rugby WC coverage along with highlights. It will also feature some amazing columns by big names like David Coulthard. One will also be able to enjoy the FA cup matches too on ITV mobile.


UK’s biggest commercial broadcast network, it has also allowed advertisers to rake in the moolah. The best of technology is used online to provide advertisers flexible systems for delivering video roll, click-able videos, and content and banners advertisements.

Broadband Games certainly knows how to mix things up. ITV brings to its fans some of the very best game shows ever. The Blockbuster and Countdown broadband versions are already creating the right sounds. The viewers can pitch in and help people play and win money in real life. is packed with some impressive and amazing features that will blow anyone’s mind away. Apart from programs to watch one can even shop in their online store and browse for goods they like. The TV guide is what impresses most people, because they always manage to keep it up to date and it never tells the wrong program and time. The website in short is just wonderful. Viewers really couldn’t expect anything better than this. ITV is making all the right moves and are certainly turning out to be BBC worst nightmare in almost every field.

If you aren’t impressed by what itv has on offer then you certainly are hard to impress. The website is as impressive as can be and leaves lasting impression. Viewers who have used the website have left rave reviews about it and are thrilled to see what is on offer. The beauty of the website is just how well it mixes simplicity and complexity in the right amounts. Anyone will be able to sue the website since it is so easy to go about. There is no room for hate when it comes to this website. Everybody is already falling head over heels for the website.

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