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Know Your Next Tech: Galaxy S7

The world of Smartphone is going to witness major transformation with the launch of much awaited Samsung Galaxy S7. As we can see, it has become a norm to launch smart phones with faster, powerful and amazing specs and features. According to the Tech gurus, upcoming year of 2015 is going to be a revolutionary year in terms of smart phones. As per the Samsung engineers , they are busy in examining the most advanced Smartphone of the decade which is obviously our very own much awaited Samsung Galaxy S7.

So , here we are to help you with all sort of details regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, from its release date to its features and specifications.

* Release Date

Within a few more months, the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 can be expected. The launching date is almost near and so it is soon going to put an end to your excitement and patience. The fruit of your patience is certainly going to be very sweet. According to the previous dates of Samsung galaxy series launches,the upcoming Galaxy S7 might be releasing in the first quarter of 2015.

There is stiff competition in the mobile market which is forcing mobile phone companies to bring that is better than its predecessor.

Know Your Next Tech: Galaxy S7

* Features and specs

So, here we have arrived at the most important aspect of the upcoming technology ! Yes the features of the smart phones that attracts you at the first place.

Let us start with the hardware first. Without any doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to carry advanced hardware.  In the year 2014,buyers were quite satisfied with 3GB RAM . In the coming year 2015,if you are expecting 4GB RAM to become a norm, there is no issue in that. Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to stand as per your expectations. We may also expect a faster processor at 3.X GHz.

Display is also going to be new and much more attractive and for sure, Samsung is going to stand up to the expectations of all Smartphone lovers.

Other features of Samsung Galaxy S7 :

•  3D 4K resolution

• 3.X GHz processor

• A mini projector

• 20 mega pixels sensitivity sensor

• Less charging time

In Smartphone industry, revolution is required and we will certainly witness this the next year in 2015.

* Price Range

Samsung is one such company which sells its phones at hot deals. Despite of being the most expensive Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note four had its sale pretty good, though its price might fall down with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 in the upcoming year. There is much competition in the Smartphone market due to which we can’t say much about its price.

We know you are equally excited and waiting desperately for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 as we are. The internet is flooded with the rumours which makes it really hard to speculate about what Samsung has planned for its lovers until the launch of the new Smartphone series by Samsung. Till then, we need to contain our patience.


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