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LE NENG Toys K2 Policewoman Available At Rcmoment

Who says robots cannot be a great gift for the baby girls? Try out the K2 Police Woman version of LE NENG toys and you will be amazed by the features that it is loaded with. The mini robot is manufactured in such way that it acts as an intelligent doll that can sing, shoot, and dance and perform other activities.

Look-wise, it is in the form of a female police and it can be a great companion for your little angels’ way back home. Search the toy in the site of Rcmoment and you can avail it at a great price and also can order for gift wrapping if you are going to give it out as a gift to someone.

LE NENG Toys K2 Policewoman Available At Rcmoment

Structure Of the Robot Toy

The robot toy K2 Police woman has been beautifully designed with a number of structure highlights. Some of the important structures worth discussing are:

  • LED Eyes
  • Power Switch
  • Shoot
  • Foot pulley
  • Flexible arms
  • Speaker
  • Charging Point
  • Main Switch

Features Of The Toy

The robot toy from LE NENG Toys is loaded with a huge number of features that make it a perfect buy for your kids.

  • The robot is accessible with a remote control and it is fun to watch it perform a huge number of activities.
  • Functions performed by the robot are walking, fighting, shooting, patrolling, dancing, singing, arm swing, machine language and also programming.
  • The robot operates efficiently on just 2 numbers of AA batteries.
  • The robot is made up of ABS material that is known for its environment-friendly nature.
  • The toy comes along with LED flashing lights that look amazing during dark.

No doubt, with all these amazing features, it is a great companion for your kids.

Specifications Of The Toy

Along with the features, it is important also to have a look at the specifications of the LE NENG toys. The specifications of the K2 Police woman have been very clearly mentioned in the site of Rcmoment.  Some of them can be discussed here:

  • The robot toy K2 Policewoman is available in the color red.
  • The whole material of the robot is made up of ABS.
  • The distance between the robot and the remote to perform is 30 meters.
  • The robot needs LiPO battery of 3.7V 600mAh.
  • The robot battery takes about 3 hours time to get charged.
  • For the remote control, you need to 2 batteries of AA.
  • The robot measures the size of about 390x260x120 mm.
  • The weight of the robot is of 1005 grams.

Packaging Details

The toy is available in the site of Rcmoment well packed. The packing consists of all these:

  • 1 piece of the robot toy with an inbuilt battery,
  • 1 remote control system,
  • 1 USB charger,
  • 1 screwdriver,
  • 5 numbers of haptor bullets,
  • 1 manual in English language.

Kids, today love to play with toys that are live and the K2 Police Woman is a great option in this case. Present this robot to your baby girl and see the charm on her face.


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