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If you value or appreciate your technology, than you might already be aware of the fast rate at which it changes. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or games console which interests you, it seems there is always a new model which you could benefit from.

Keeping up with the latest developments in technology is therefore something which many individuals pride themselves on doing – but it’s not always easy. Aside from the difficulties of keeping track of the latest advancements, finding the cash to fund new purchases can also be difficult.

Old gadgets 

Of course, buying new gadgets and devices means something is getting replaced. These old gadgets no longer serve you any purpose but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be useful. You might not want them anymore but they may still hold a decent value which could make them desirable to others. This is where mobile phone recycling comes in. Services such as Music Magpie will happily pay you for your unwanted gadgets and digital media and this allows you to recoup some of your cash on items which you no longer want.

This is ideal when you’ve just got a new device that cost a fair amount of money. Recycling the old device for cash can help cover the cost of a new model and makes perfect financial sense.

When to upgrade

The next question you should consider is over when to upgrade. Some phones come out on a near-yearly basis and if you were to upgrade each and every time then buying a phone would become a regular, annual expense.

If you take a step back and assess the actual device, you may find such action is not strictly necessary. Whilst it could be argued we rarely need a new phone or gadget, there are times when upgrading simply makes no sense. In some model ranges, the improvements made between models are marginal and that means you could be paying out more cash for a phone which is barely better than your current handset.


A slightly bigger screen or better camera doesn’t always warrant handing over a large amount of money. Always ask yourself what improvements are offered over your existing phone and how much difference will these actually make to you as the user. A larger screen or better camera may sound good on paper but will you actually notice the difference when holding the device in the flesh?

Alternative payments 

If you don’t want to hand over the full price up-front, you are free to look at alternatives. With phones and other devices, this is usually through periodic/monthly payments. Overall, you usually end up paying more than the device is worth but the payment process is more manageable and if taken as part of a contract then you could find it financially beneficial when it comes to the allowances you get for calls, text messages and data.

Of course, this set-up will tie you into a contract for a set amount of time and this may limit when you’re able to upgrade your phone again so is always worth considering.

This is a guest post submitted on behalf of Music Magpie. If you’re interested in mobile phone recycling, they accept virtually all makes and model of handset, offering fair prices for the sale.


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