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If you feel a little bit ridiculous about heading to a bachelor party in Las Vegas (or even planning one for a friend or sibling), don’t worry about it – you’re probably not alone. While Vegas remains the quintessential bachelor party destination, it can also feel a little bit forced. The whole spectacle of gambling, drinking at clubs, and waking up disheveled in a gaudy suite has become a cliché, and it’s not always how guys actually want to spend their bachelor parties. That said, however, it can still be a lot of fun if you let go of some of the Hollywood expectations and do it right.

These are a few things you can do to handle a trip like this the right way.

How To Handle A Bachelor Party In Vegas

Prioritize The Resort, Not The Room

If you’re going by those Hollywood expectations, you’re probably anticipating a massive suite that feels like a corner of a celebrity mansion. That’s certainly the ideal, and in some cases you can even get a decent deal on a place like this. But the truth is that most rooms in the main Vegas resorts are really comfortable, and you might be better off prioritizing the resort as a whole, rather than a given suite you’d like to stay in. For instance, you might end up spending a lot of time relaxing (and partying) poolside, and the best pools in town don’t necessarily line up with resorts with the best suites. You might also opt for the resort with the best in-house restaurants, or the best theater for a show. Consider what you’ll be doing there more than where you’ll crash at the end of the night.

Learn How To Handle The Tables

If you head to the casino tables or slot machines without reading up on what you’re getting into, you might be in for a rude awakening. For one thing, you don’t necessarily know how to play all the games just by watching the occasional TV show or movie. For another, you might not have a good grasp on how to behave on the floor if your primary examples are George Clooney in Ocean’s 11 and Bradley Cooper from The Hangover. You’ll be better served if you read up on casino etiquette, study the rules of the games, and accept in advance that you’re not a high roller. The good news, though, is that when you handle them right, the gaming floors can be a lot of fun; just be sure to stay within your budget!

Catch A Show

Lining up with your best guy friends in a row at Cirque du Soleil doesn’t exactly seem like bachelor material. But that’s a result of that same old stereotypical image of what guys get up to in Vegas. In reality, the shows in Vegas, Cirque du Soleil or otherwise, are pretty incredible to watch, and they can make for awesome activities to fit into the weekend. Particularly if you’ve been partying hard and you need to press the reset button, it can be nice to just sit back and watch a performance before dinner, or before heading out to the casinos and bars.

Find A Bar, Not A Club

Speaking of bars, they’re really spectacular in Vegas. They’re crowded, sure, but that’s true of pretty much the entire town, so we can overlook it. Just keep in mind you don’t need to go to a pulsing, loud club to fulfill the bachelor party experience. Instead, take some time to research some of the themed bars that exist around town, and you’ll probably find an experience that’s perfect for you and your buddies.

Embrace The Absurdity

Finally, embrace the absurdity of Vegas. It may be a place where incredible amounts of money change hands, world-class performers take the stage, and films are shot. But above all else, Las Vegas is completely ridiculous. It’s gaudy, loud, indulgent, and overpriced. But as long as you recognize and embrace these facts, they’re also why the city can be so much fun. Don’t take the trip too seriously, and you’ll be able to have fun no matter what you and your friends wind up getting up to in Sin City.


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