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Haven’t you noticed clicking a photo from one phone gives you better picture quality than other phones? Lens is that significant feature that determines the overall clarity of a picture. Learning about the specification of lenses would get you the best image quality and precision that you have been looking for!!

Add on lenses

For incredible photos, many people use add-on lens to improve the picture quality. These keychain sized lenses can be easily attached and detached to the phone whenever required. Mobile Mob is the most renowned online store that provides the latest collection of portable devices and accessories.

Whether you have a mood to take a selfie or want to create a wonderful portfolio, lens built in the zoom section of the camera provide a more detailed and precise view of the scene. Amazing quality lens and phone accessories at Mobile Mob can take your photo clicking experience to new levels.

How telephoto lens enables you to take an amazing smartphone picture?

The trick to get best quality clicks out of the phones beyond using filters is to look at certain features. A telephoto lens is one of the ways to create amazing shots.


The first and foremost use of these lenses is clarity. Use of telephoto lens helps you create spectacular views with great ease. Attaching telephoto lens to your smartphone gives better clarity and crisp images when used on a moving bike. The default view is captured by the normal lens of the phone and is amplified with an additional glass that is a telephoto lens.


Another important feature is Zoom or Enlarge feature. Smartphone cameras are equipped with digital zoom that can be made more efficient by using advanced software for that phone. Telephoto lenses remarkably double the size of the image of the phone without compromising on the resolution. This will give you an effect of real images as if you are watching the seen with your own eyes.


The third use of the telephoto lens is the power of magnifying. By bringing the object closer and intelligently blurring the background would also enhance the picture quality. A telephoto lens has the ability to magnify the image eight times. This gives you an awesome picture quality that you have not even imagined.

What features do you need to consider when choosing a lens?


A wide-angle lens offers a brilliant balance in photos with an interesting background. The reason is that sometimes photos are not great because the person tries to capture the scenes by standing too closely.

A better story when taken with a wide view provide better vision especially in the case of dramatic settings such as double rainbows, epic sunsets, birthday parties, group selfie, etc.


If you prefer clicking photos with a wide angle, then fisheye lenses could be the best option for you. This type of lens has the ability to remarkably pack an entire hemisphere of light in a single photo. These lenses offer wide-angle and macro lenses.

If you are a professional photographer or love to click and upload photos on Instagram and other websites, then you must get sufficient information about the lens. This is one such significant factor that would aid in pursuing your passion or profession.


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