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Collaboration Platforms: A Comparison Of Huddle And Glasscubes

Cloud-based platforms for teamwork and task management are changing the way collaborative groups develop their projects. Businesses looking to encourage more efficient interaction among their employees are attracted by how cost-effective and productive project work becomes when team members have a well-designed platform where they can file share and communicate, pool resources and centralise documentation. But choosing which tool to go for can be problematic, especially if the collaboration platform in question demands a binding one-year contract.

For that reason, here we take a look at two of the best collaboration platforms around – one of them with a well-established reputation among some of the most influential institutions in Europe, the other pitching itself as the best alternative around.

Collaboration Platforms: A Comparison Of Huddle And Glasscubes

Both Glasscubes and Huddle provide fantastic collaboration and project management platforms, and they offer a similar suite of tools with which to propel your teamwork forward. So in order to choose between them, we’ll have to take a close look at how they are alike, and where they differ.

Pricing Structure

Huddle offers 3 editions:

  • Workgroup is available in blocks of 25 user licences, offering 2GB of file storage, reduced security and a 24-hour response time in support
  • Enterprise offers an excellent 10GB of storage, improved security and a 5-hour response time in support, but is only available in blocks of 50 users
  • Unlimited offers a package that is suitable for major institutions, starting with a huge figure as a minimum number of users

Huddle’s clients purchase access to the platform for a whole year at a time. This is a rigid system that is acceptable to major organisations, but for small to mid-sized businesses is often barely feasible. For example, a small team of 10 members would be forced to contract 1 year of 25 user licences.

Glasscubes offers 3 editions:

  • Team is available at a very small initial cost followed by equally small monthly payments that are flexible according to client needs. It offers 2GB of storage
  • Workgroup is also available at a very small initial cost followed by small, flexible monthly payments.  An excellent 10GB of storage are available.
  • Enterprise starts at a small initial cost that is adjusted according to client requirements, followed by small and flexible monthly payments. Along with an excellent storage facility, this edition offers unlimited file uploads, superb security, a full suite of tools, and a 3-hour response time in support

Glasscubes does not require the commitment of a long-term contract and offers a flexible service and payment plan on a month-to-month basis. This is catered towards small to mid-sized firms and represents a tremendous offering.

Notable Users

Huddle has a very strong presence among governmental organisations and uses this fact to promote its platform, which provides a secure environment for external collaboration.

Among its users are UK government departments, such as the Department of Environment, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and the Ministry of Defence. Other users include Kia Motors, Grant Thornton and National Grid.

Glasscubes, meanwhile, also has a number of renowned organisations using its online platform to collaborate effectively. These include LG, the NHS, the Open University and the British Council.

Collaboration Platform Features

Both Glasscubes and Huddle provide superb collaboration platforms which are intuitive to use, and offer team members and management a first-rate all-round package of features for teamwork and project management. They also both offer excellent support and outstanding security.

Some their main features are:

  • Online workspaces
  • Online whiteboards
  • Version-controlled file sharing
  • Task assignments and milestone management
  • Privilege and permissions control
  • File encryption
  • Customisable accounts and workspaces with white labelling
  • Online and telephone support


The respective offerings of Glasscubes and Huddle are certainly comparable, with very little to choose between them in terms of the service and features available.

Huddle’s Unlimited edition is well suited to large, multinational organisations, such as public institutions and global professional service providers.

Meanwhile, Glasscubes provides a superb and inexpensive platform for smaller groups, companies and teams.


Huddle And Glasscubes

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