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Exhibitions give businesses a good chance to get their products or services out to customers. The good thing about exhibitions is that there is a good chance attendees are there because they are interested in buying. Every company should see exhibitions as an excellent opportunity to showcase what they have. However, it takes a significant amount of time and money to reach these objectives. Here are a few pointers that will make the most of your exhibition.

Start Smart

Before doing anything, list your objectives. Think of what you want to accomplish and how. Make sure these are measurable, attainable and relevant. These objectives will guide you through the whole process.


Like your other marketing campaigns, participating at an exhibition requires planning. Be clear with your marketing strategy, your exhibition stand, the key persons to man the booth, and your plans after the event. There should be follow-ups and evaluation. Planning is key to a more organized exhibition. Do not forget to include staff and activity scheduling so that you can make good use of your time at the event.

The Right Staff

Bring your best staff with you to your booth. You know best who among your workers knows how to deal with people effectively or who are more personable. They should be prepared to spend the day talking to people, answering their questions and discussing your services.

Social Media Campaign

Almost everyone is on social media. Tell your customers about the exhibition weeks ahead. Invite them constantly or plan a small promo that will entice them to come and check out your booth.

Staff Planning

If the exhibition will last a whole day or a couple of days, staff planning and scheduling is important so that you won’t end up wasting time or getting overly exhausted. Schedule short breaks and lunch breaks, and who will run the booth at any particular time, etc.

Strategic Booth

Make sure people will be attracted to your booth; otherwise, your efforts will be put to waste. This does not only mean the physical design, but also what you plan to do or offer to engage your customers. Do you plan to have them taste your food products or try out your services? Make sure your exhibition banners are catchy and can get your message across.

Participating at trade shows or exhibitions need not be stressful. It takes careful planning and the right objectives. Your business has to be well represented and your customers engaged. Take it as a chance to introduce your product or service at a different level and take on the challenged of succeeding in this. After the event, evaluate your performance and see what needs to be improved.


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