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Wireframing tools are incredibly valuable to the designers, for the efficiency of the design process of their websites. Major part of the benefit is the early feedback that one will receive. Wireframe structures the elements of the website and also the functionality, so that one doesn’t find it hard to imagine the final product.

Another important aspect of it is that the client understands the functions and the user interaction level of the proposed website, without having to visualize it. It enables a proper communication with the client.

There are tools to make your wireframing task way beyond easier. To know the apt tool for your needs, you might need to test the free trial versions of innumerous tools, to find the one of your kind. We have narrowed down your search by discovering few of the best mobile wireframe tools, with unique functionalities. Have a look at the tools and make a wiser choice.


Adobe-Proto-iPad-Wireframing-ToolProto gives a wonderful platform to the designers, to create a wireframe for any kind of mobile device—be it a tablet or a smartphone. It will give you almost the same experience as the finished product. Not only you can have a look at the kind of design you’re going to develop, but also tap, swipe, rotate the app to find its functionalities. Another feature of it is its sharing ability. Share your wireframe with your friend and welcome genuine feedbacks, to make your design better.

Almost all browsers support Proto. Dashboard, editor and player are the three main interfaces. Editor renders you a platform with tools, to build the prototype. All the projects can be managed through a dashboard. Player is the interface to check the interactive level of the design and make valuable notes.




Moqups makes use of HTML 5 and you can get it absolutely, free of cost. It is one of the most prevailing mobile wireframe tools, currently. Moqups can be used with an extraordinary level of ease—it has built-in stencils that help you to get started with the tool right away, you will come across radio buttons, links, text boxes, placeholders of image that you can make use, to give an early demonstration to your clients. ‘Snap to grid’ is another best feature of this tool that helps you in aligning any object with perfect dimensions.

Oops! I forgot to mention that you do not require a browser plugin to use Moqups.



dashboard_7_bg-1024x682With the increased population of mobile devices, it has become almost difficult to stand out of the crowd of mobile app designs. However, UXPin has tried to bring out the uniqueness with the responsive breakpoints, as it allows you to create a prototype that will work on all mobile devices with any kind of resolution. Isn’t it great!

It allows intuitive editing, chatting and sharing without the need of login, so that the prototype receives better ideas for a better design, from every perspective.


balsamiq-piratenoshBalsamiq gives you the impression of sketching on a whiteboard, by making use of a computer, and it is easier to share the prototype with the team members. A tentative number of 75 interfaces and 186 icons are built in this tool, which gives you a variety of options to build your design.

Wide number of elements is styled for Blackberry, Android and iOS. Mockup developed with the Balsamiq helps you to test in and out of the design’s interactivity.



Jusinmind provides a platform that is rich in interaction. It includes the gestures of different mobile platforms, such as Android, Backberry, iOS and others. This means that you can test the usability with tap, hold, swipe and much more. Justinmind has the potential to create and list the widgets in a library.

Of all the features, ‘simulate’ is a special one—if, you make any alteration in the wireframe, the changes will be reflected immediately in the app design.

With the wireframe tools, it becomes easier for the designers and developers to have a successful end product, without any kind of chaos.


This guest post is written by James,  an avid blogger, UX and design junkie. James recently attended design expo at 3 Key Communications, It is basically a website design and logo design company in Pleasanton


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