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As if having an iPhone didn’t already provide unparalleled service, applications, accessibility and ease of use, Apple goes the extra mile — several extra miles, in fact — make your phone experience a cut above the rest.

The iPhone is designed to fit any lifestyle, serve any needs and functions for its users, whether for business, pleasure or a combination of both and everything else you can imagine. With the company’s wide array of clever, creative and user-friendly accessories, you can tailor your iPhone down to the letter of your needs.

Here are 10 of the most exciting iPhone accessories to help reveal your individual spirit and lifestyle to the world while making your daily tasks simpler.

iPhone Windshield Mount You will be able to take to the road and be hands-free with this eye-level mount that lets you see maps as you move along. Navigation and communication will be a breeze with this safety-friendly accessory.

The Crabble iPhone Stand Whether you want to watch a movie or video on your desk at work or while you fly across country, this small portable stand will make it easy for you to relax and enjoy the program without worrying about propping your iPhone to a comfortably visible angle.

Stylus Pens Make your mark with ease with a stylus pen. Sometimes your fingers may have a tough time hitting certain keys but a perfectly sized stylus eliminates the frustration of keying errors, followed by auto-correct. Tap every app on the first try with this simple and essential accessory.

The Incipio Atlas iPhone Water Resistant Case With so many cases available to you to keep your iPhone player safe, this iPhone case gives you great odds on ensuring a long life for your multi-purpose phone. Safe from water damage, this case protects your phone from the elements, dropping incidents and other mishaps that could damage your iPhone.

Retro Handset For sheer style and fun, try a fun retro handset to take you back to a time when we were tethered to a spiral cord and wall jack while grateful are ready, set and able to be on the go.

iPhone Bicycle Mount Whether you need easy access to your iPhone on your bicycle for navigation, music or speaker phone purposes, this must-have for bicycling and iPhone enthusiasts is ready and waiting. The GoRide affixes easily to your bicycle.

A Decoy, A Case or Both Envelope your iPhone in what appears to be a book jacket or two to keep those around you guessing about how many times, or how long it will take you, to read your favorite classic.

Take the Wrap These wraparound glasses display video, including 3D, images transmitted from your iPhone.

Swim Away with the Waterproof Case This pouch allows you to safely place your iPhone inside and stray from the beach into the beautiful blue water. Enjoy the surf with the sound of music as well as the sand.

iPhone Holder This gadget acts as a holster around your neck so you can have a hands-free viewing experience anywhere.


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