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The Android terminals have many applications that are used to manage contacts. It is important today, when our contacts list contains hundreds of people, Facebook and Twitter contacts, as well as business partners and friends. The CRM is a great program that allows you not only to import all your contacts from one phone to the other, but also to delete, add, import and export different persons, with their corresponding details.


Where could you get those programs?

The Android Contact Manager programs, also called CRM are great for MAC and Windows PC’s, which can be connected with Android and IPhones. Let’s see the steps that must be followed if you want to install such an application on your Android phone.


1. First, you need to download and install the CRM on your computer. Once it is finished, you will have to establish a connection between the computer and the phone, and this can be easily done with the wizard, which is available for any kind of PC, with a simple internet connection. It is possible to install it via Wi-Fi, but this can only be used on Windows. The program detects the phone and its settings instantly, and you will have a window where your Android settings are displayed.

The majority of CRM program are compatible with any kind of Android phone, but it is recommended to use the latest programs and updates if you want to benefit of all the facilities offered by this.

2. Once the program is installed, you will be able to manage the android contacts easily, with a simple mouse and keyboard. This way, you can delete, add and modify contacts, but you can also create groups, each group with its own characteristics.

3. You can use the advanced features of the CRM, such as Find Duplicate Contacts, and you can merge the respective details. For example, if you have Facebook details on one contact, and the personal details of the respective person in another contact, you can combine the respective data, so you would have all the details of the respective person in one place.

4. If you have contacts on the computer that are not on the phone, it is possible to import those in the list. Moreover, you can even import mail addresses from Outlook and other mail services. The CRM also works with Gmail and any other mail service.

5. Create groups using the corresponding feature. It is easy to create groups, based on common characteristics of the respective persons. You can have Family, Business, Friends, and customized groups imported from Facebook and other social networks.

6. There is even possible to transfer, store and archive SMS and archived conversations to your PC with the CRM.

7. maybe the most important feature of the program is the possibility to create backup files, which makes sure that you can restore any lost contact, and that you can easily import the addresses and details on another phone, in case you lose the one that you currently have.


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