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Convergence is all the rage across the Middle East and it is set to take off!

Middle East Telecom Grows at a Rate of Knots

The widespread growth of the technology sector across the Middle East is starting to pay dividends for telecom providers. Technical operations directors of many leading Middle Eastern consortiums have been applying Western-style operations to the region. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with convergence becoming a major money-spinner in countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Israel and others. Convergence is simply the bundling of Internet, television and telephone services via an xDSL or cable connection. This is typically done via a single network provider. The advent of bundling services dramatically reduces costs across multiple service sectors and provides a one stop service centre for related queries. The time and cost savings are substantial.

Highly Innovative Applications Improve Data Flow

The technological boom that is provided by convergence not only brings the region closer, but it also breaks down many barriers between Eastern and Western value systems. The result is instant access to breaking news stories, high-speed Internet, social media connectivity and much more. Among the many benefits available to lay people and businesses alike is access to unique forms of entertainment. These include streaming movie sites, online gaming sites, multiple apps, online stores and others.  One of the most popular online games is roulette. This fascinating game of chance is now available to a potential audience of millions of players across the Middle East. It’s pretty easy to learn how to play roulette by following the advice of leading gambling experts, reading roulette articles and playing free roulette games online. Convergence truly is the new buzzword across the Middle East.


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