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Employee Background Verification – 4 Elementary Needs To Evade Conflicts & Discrimination

Have you recently studied your company’s policy of employee background check? If not, then consider doing it so as there is always a room for improvement and also the laws keeps on amending after certain period of time. Ensuring the best practices in employee background check must be as crucial as other processes in the organization.

By adopting the impartial background check customs, an organization reveals its non-discriminatory nature of recruitment. Each organization must be committed to shielding the safety, security and health of their workforce. Protecting the assets and resources of the firm is the ultimate responsibility of every organization and undoubtedly the most valuable asset of a company is “human capital”, therefore this resource must be integrated after an appropriate verification process.

This is the liability of an employer to ensure the designing of a rich and proper employee background check policy to maintain the compliance. This is also one of the crucial needs to be in compliance with FRCA standards. Following are five elementary needs to evade conflicts and discrimination from the background verification policy:

1. High Risk Positions – There are certain positions in the organization which require high level of analysis and verification tests to be on that one. This include the people who will have direct access to the financial or monetary concerns, contacts of direct customers, propriety information and are managing some really valuable assets of the firm. The checks for such positions must be made by professionals placing just the right questions for the job role.

2. All other Personnel – This will include the workforce who have little exposure to the highly sensitive information hence their background verification measures will obviously be different from high risk positions. Yet, they will have to come across a few comprehensive checks like credentials validation, drug testing, driving records, previous employment and education authentication for sure.

3. Criteria For Disqualification – There must be set criteria for the disqualification of applicants rather just eradicating the non-favorite applicants from the race of job role achievement. Lacking of the applicant must be communicated and a face to face meeting must be organized to discuss the disqualification scenarios in order to avoid conflict and discrimination issues.

4. Policy review time – Every organizations must review their background check policies after 3 years’ time as the laws keeps on changing plus the latest trends are always arriving in the corporate mainstream. So in order to stay up to date with the latest laws and trends, keep a trace of policy every three years.


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