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Treasuring any successful business in today’s era can be hair-raising. Especially, being an insurance service provider, generating interest in your service is key to get success. Your main goal should be to forevermore drum up new leads and change them into regular customers as well. Seems easy to propose, but difficult to accomplish, isn’t it? Being an insurance agent, you might be well aware of how tough it is to find leads and appointments to showcase your insurance services with whom you have no doubt could become your longtime customers.

The key question springs here up is which strategy is appropriate to generate leads, either the old-hat traditional marketing or modern age technology, what we say the online leads. Both have their own strong points. Hence, being open to both strategies can most likely be beneficial.

Earlier, till we got our hands on the internet, the marketing strategies most commonly adopted was traditional networking, referrals and word of mouth. For instance, if any of your clients was satisfied with your service, they would recommend you to their known ones that will further recommend you to others and the chain goes on. But, the word of mouth strategy can go against you if your client is either not satisfied with your work or is angry with you or your agency. Regardless of your hard work and your method of generating insurance leads, negative critiques pass around faster than the good ones.

The other way of traditional networking is, giving people your elevator pitch – i.e. a short summary explaining them about your services – and a visiting card. This strategy worked well in the early years.

People are now expert in avoiding some of the traditional strategies of generating leads. For instance, direct mail, hanging around with seminars or giving away flyers. These strategies demand a lot of time, efforts and money. But, mostly your mails will be flipped in the trash, or your flyers will be thrown away without viewing the matter, and in a very rare case people will take time to turn up in your seminars.

While planning to call the prospective consumers, bear in mind, most of them would try to avoid you on the phone. This makes cold-calling off-putting and really fruitless. Some consumers would sign up for no-call lists whereas others might simply won’t pick up your calls being an unknown number. And if you somehow reach them, they might get annoyed due to the interruption and the situation can really stamp down your spirit when you are chewed out on several moments.

In many cases, traditional strategies can be more successful in comparison with technical tactics. Like, direct mail or print advertising might make people appreciate you for taking your time to understand their needs as a consumer. And if you think you can have a better deal by meeting your potential clients face-to-face, and if your hard earned money and time permits you to do so, conducting a seminar could influence more value.

On the other hand, when we talk about modern technology, it helps you to reach more leads in a short span of period, even with a smaller budget. But, it’s not easy to differentiate your brand and stay apart from numerous other service providers online. Nevertheless, with the help of the right tools at your disposal, it can for sure go right.

One of the top most modern-age strategy of getting quality insurance leads is using the online lead generation companies as an informant. These online lead providers or companies can most possibly get you an incredible amount of data about your expected consumers for a price. It is key to know about the sources used to get you the information about your prospective consumers and make sure that the leads you are provided are only for the consumers who are genuinely in need of the services you are providing.

Another way to boost your marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing that incorporates certain words or set of words (what we say “keywords”) often typed by people, searching for specific services. If the typed set of words is found on your website, consumers will most likely click and navigate through your site. You can also turn the corners by staying connected at your social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.

Due to any strategy you, whether traditional marketing or the modern technology, once you successfully convert your lead into your longtime customer, send a “thank you” note for the time and business you received. But, if the person is young or working in a busy schedule, sending a letter might not work that effectively. In such circumstances a nice thank-you call or an email might be a good trick.

Both above mentioned strategies can be used simultaneously. You can use online leads and boost your insurance services by sending email invitations for your seminar where you can meet the leads face-to-face. You can also use your online blogs or articles as handouts at your seminars. By any chance, the combination of these two worlds, traditional and technical, can help you to be the most effective insurance service provider.

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