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A Search Engine is an instrument that is employed to search all data on World Wide Web. Anyone that has experienced with doing an efficient research will have idea about search engine. When you actually insert topic in search engine and start seeking for appropriate document needed, then all relevant result will be normally introduced referred to as Search Engine Results Pages. The information might always be presented with websites, images, information or even other kinds of data plus files. Many search engines likewise have mine data (also referred to as data or maybe knowledge discovery) which can be available in sources or open sites.

Three most popular search engines

Google Web Search

First one is Google Web Search among the other search engine which is owned by Google Inc. Actually Google search is getting a hundred million requests per day and arrangement of search results is based on priority position called Page-Rank. Google Web Search engine have 22 particular features, I individually use Google Search as default search engine among all other search engine. These characteristics include sports scores, home listings, word, weather forecast, time zones, stock quotes, road directions, data, film show times, earthquake in addition to airports. There may also be features for numbering that include stages, money conversion and temperatures. Also we can calculate the rates using Google Search engine. Other attributes are patents, tracking connected with packages, location codes and rendering of languages within showed pages.


Yahoo! Search engine is actually owned by Yahoo! Inc. It becomes very popular search engine. Yahoo! Search was initially started as an online directory of diverse webs. It was created into concluded portal with seek interface and edition of search engine that invoked query by using mouse alone. Yahoo has about 160,000,000 estimated visitors per month. Microsoft together with Yahoo agreed deal that increased power of Yahoo! Search.

eBizMBA Ranking

According to eBizMBA Ranking, Bing Search engines has about 165, 500,000 estimated monthly visitors. It is called as Live Search or Bing Search. Also Bing is the search engine that comes via Microsoft. One of the most crucial changes includes listing of all search suggestion entered and also list of just about all related searches also known as Explore pane. Bing announced Tiger as new index-offering adding into technology that can merge with Bing worldwide. Bing main features include Interface Features and Fast answer depending on the field your question is related to Regional information.

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