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Misplacing your phone is something that people do quite often, but what should you do if your phone gets stolen. You may have heard many stories from your friends or somebody that they forgot their phone at the park or at the hotel and then when they went to get the phone, the phone was nowhere to be found. In situations like these you should know what to do immediately. Follow the steps given below to understand what you will need to do when your phone gets stolen.

Mobile Phone Database

There are many countries such as the United Kingdom that have a mobile phone database. This can help to put a stop to stolen or lost cell phones from being utilized on any kind of mobile network. Thus, this makes the stolen phone completely worthless to the thief. The mobile phone database system works similar to the procedure that one would use for a lost or stolen credit card. You will simply to make a phone call to your service provider for the case of a stolen mobile phone. You will need to provide a certain number to your provider deactivate your phone that has been stolen. This system will work for both postpaid and prepaid packages.

IMEI Number

Every single mobile phone in this big world has a code known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. This is the serial number of every single cell phone. When you give this number to your service provider, he or she will deactivate the phone. Nobody will be able to utilize the phone even if the thief that stole your phone puts a new sim into the cellular device. The cell phone will be worthless to network operators and service providers too. The phone will be disabled.

How to Get Your Phone’s IMEI Number

The IMEI number of your phone can be found under your phone’s battery. You can obtain this number from your phone software too. The number usually has 15 digits. You can also obtain it by typing the code * # 0 6 # into your phone. By giving this number to your service provide you will be able to deactivate your phone.

Even though you probably won’t get your phone back at least you will be assured that the person who stole it cannot make money off of it by selling it. Remember to keep your phone by you at all times. You never know when you might lose it. Do not use your cell phone in places that are crowded. Your phone has a great amount of data stored on it. That is why you need to take care of it. People are still working on different ways to help improve security for mobile phones, but at the moment your IMEI number can do great wonders for you. You will be able to prevent the thief from taking advantage of your own phone and will know that it has been deactivated.

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