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Things like business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogues and other many other types of printed marketing materials are on a regular basis and with huge success by companies of all sizes all over the world. But, at the same time, many people also fail with their print marketing efforts, and most of the time that is due to poor design.

If you’re trying to attract new customers who have never heard of your business, product or service before, then your printed marketing materials are basically a representation of what you’re offering. So this representation needs to be extremely well presented, informative, and high quality. If it’s not all of these things, then you’re unlikely to convert any of these potential customers into customers.

Incredible Examples Of Print Design Done Right

If your printed materials are not high quality, not well presented, and don’t contain the relevant information, then people will quite rightly assume that the business, product or service that you’re offering will lack these qualities too – so it’s important to get it right.

Incredible Examples Of Print Design Done Right

But what works best when it comes to printed designs? The best way to demonstrate it is to provide you with some awesome examples of print design, so you can decide for yourself exactly what it is about each design that draws your attention to it, and what it is about each design that makes it memorable etc. If you can identify these elements and manage to incorporate them into your design, then you should be set for some great results.

Incredible Examples Of Print Design Done Right

Whatever you’re printing, if you’re in the United States I recommend you check out NextDayFlyers. They are an LA printing company with a great reputation for quality and speed. They print millions of flyers, business cards, brochures and other materials on a monthly basis for business of all sizes. They have all sorts of different sizing options, different paper types and weights, different coatings and finishing’s – whatever your requirements and whatever your printing needs you will be able to get it printed with NDF.

Author Bio: Lynn Bradley is a regular contributor to many small business, technology and design related blogs around the web. With a background in marketing, he is keen to share tips and advice with business owners. Lynn loves to travel and hopes to one day do the LOTR trek through New Zealand.


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