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Necessity Of Archiving Lotus Notes

The process of archiving emails and other notes is actually meant for protecting and storing certain data. The archived data is stored on a separate database, which is similar to the local hard drive or any other server. Archiving Lotus Notes helps in reducing the storage size of the email file. Archiving can be said as one of the best space-saving operations that are provided by different email applications. Lotus Notes mailing is one such application that allows users to archive their mails.

By archiving mails, one can easily retrieve different types of data and important information without damaging the performance of their database. The process is very beneficial, especially if the inbox full and unable to receive mails. Users will be provided with an option to archive mails that are not needed by them, but yet important. Sometimes, users face trouble in archiving their mails due to the need of third party access or permission.

Necessity Of Archiving Lotus Notes

Need to Archive

Lotus notes is used to store contacts, calendars, instant messages, emails, to-do-list, journals and many other things in NSF file format. There are various tools that repair and recover the damaged Lotus Notes database. Moreover, these tools are compatible with almost all kinds of operating systems like – Windows XP, 7, Vista, and NT. people who are using Lotus Notes need to archive their emails on a regular basis, so that the bulk mails do not slow down the application and affect speed of the work. One should also take due care that the storage limit of their mailbox do not exceed the prescribed limitations. Lotus Notes archive saves a number of components like – instant messages, journals, emails, calendars, and contacts and store them in the NSF format.

There are a number of software programs and applications that help users in archiving data and important information. Lotus Notes recovery is one such software that repairs lotus notes and easily gets back the lost data. While archiving lotus notes, users may come across different situations where they continuously get error messages. Lotus Notes have two options – “Archive Selected Documents” or “Archive Now”. Sometimes, it happens that the user can get an error message while performing an operation and the software denies archiving the selected files. The reason for this is usage of invalid characters in the name or path of the file. Therefore, it is very important to name the file in a proper format to avoid unwanted error messages.

Conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook

Lotus notes archiving saves the component in NSF format, whereas, Outlook email application stores all data and information in a PST file format. At times, it becomes very essential to export data and contents from the NSF file format to a PST file format, so that it can be easily accessible. Some of the reasons for converting Lotus Notes to Outlook include:

> An email platform change by the company

> Job change by the employee

> Company required a more advanced platform

Most of the time, people think that conversion of data from NSF to PST file format is very difficult and results in data loss. Yet, with the availability of various tools and software programs, the task of data conversion has become very easy and simple.


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