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Herman Tumurcuoglu is the leading online reputation expert in the web search industry. Not only was he a pioneer of the industry by co-founding one of the first search engines (before Google’s days), he continues to run experiments to understand the changing algorithms of search engines. Search engines are what you research in on the Internet. They determine what results are most relevant to the key words you looked up. There are many factors in these algorithms as to what gets pulled up first in the search results. They prioritize fresh content, a long standing website page, user signals (people actively clicking and sharing the content) and much more. Current popular search engines include Google (accountable for over 90% of web searches), Bing, and Yahoo. Why is it important for your search results to be good?

Search results can impact anyone and everyone says the online reputation expert. “It didn’t used to be like that”, says Tumurcuoglu. The search engine he was a co-founder of is now a coupon search engine. Many of the first search engines were focused on pulling up niche results. However, search engines like those listed above are much more powerful now. They can pull up almost anything on the Internet. Therefore, if you are applying for a position in a corporation but you have images of yourself with alcohol on social media, you have lost your chances. If you are seeking employment but have someone with the same name who has a bad online reputation, you may have lost your chances as well. No online presence is not healthy either. If you have negative online reviews, your brand may begin to lose sales and revenue. There are many reasons that the online reputation expert can list that applies to why having a healthy online reputation is crucial for your career survival. For more information about why you need online reputation management, contact Herman Tumurcuoglu using the link provided above.


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