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Forex BlackBox Forex App Review By XFR Financial Ltd

Forex BlackBox is a must have application for all Forex traders whether expert or a beginner. It is a free app which offers topmost trading strategies to gain success. You can pick a strategy, run it and then receive professional trading signals by XFR Financial Ltd directly on your Smartphone.

How to use Forex BlackBox Forex app at XFR Financial Ltd?

Using this Forex app is very simple. All you need is to download and install this app-

  • Pick a strategy from the list
  • Choose your asset – For example – EUR/USD
  • Tap on the Run button and the app will run the strategies locally and you will be notified on the recommended signals.

Forex BlackBox Forex App Review By XFR Financial Ltd

Features Associated with the BlackBox Forex App

  • Security- Your sensitive and personal information is fully secured and encrypted. BlackBox uses stat-of-art security measures to keep your trading information secure. It allows instant and secure trading strategies execution and uses auto trading algorithms to provide the signals based on these strategies you select.
  • Smart Notifications- Get the right information you need on the right time. BlackBox notifies you well in advance with the trades you need to get into. You will automatically get the signal and alert if one of your stocks is experiencing higher than the usual volatility.
  • 127 real-time Forex quotes and charts which are streamlined
  • Real time market data and currency pair detailed graphs
  • BrokerMatch technology to determine based on the location you are
  • Responsive graphs for full touch and pinch to zoom along with great scrolling capabilities
  • Application is ideas for the traders who are constantly in travel.
  • Detailed step by step tutorials for an integrated help by XFR Financial Ltd
  • Simple and easy navigation between the different strategies
  • Data is pulled from various economic calendars for getting the maximum precision
  • App is optimized for tablets and supports landscape mode
  • List of all favorite currencies with last price and ask-bid details
  • Premium services include advanced and high trading strategies which is locked for free users
  • More advanced features are yet to come

Currently Supported Currencies by the BlackBox Forex App

  • EUR/USD,
  • USD/JPY,
  • EUR/JPY,
  • EUR/CHF,
  • EUR/NZD,
  • GBP/CAD,
  • AUD/JPY,
  • AUD/USD,
  • AUD/CAD,
  • AUD/CHF,
  • CAD/CHF,
  • CHF/JPY,
  • GBP/USD,
  • EUR/GBP,
  • USD/CHF,
  • EUR/AUD,
  • GBP/JPY,
  • EUR/CAD,
  • USD/NOK,
  • EUR/NOK,
  • GBP/CHF,
  • NZD/JPY,
  • NZD/USD,

A latest feature supported by XFR Financial Ltd is that you can minimize the app and the signals will still run in the background even you have closed the application. This application can be downloaded from the Google Play in Android devices for free. For premium services you have to pay some extra amount to avail them. This Forex app can be of great use to you if you want to utilize a good Forex strategy and keep it up for your success in Forex market.


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