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The Online Reputation Repair is a company that is dedicated to repairing you and your brand’s online reputation. Through a long-time developed strategy that is constantly evolving to keep up with the refinements of search engines, the company is the best in the brand reputation industry. Among the many reasons why they are the best, the Online Reputation Repair company based out of Montreal, Canada develops their own content. Various used strategies such as social media management, search engine optimization, and reverse search engine optimization are ones that need content. The company’s CEO is a pioneer of the web search industry and understands the role of content in an online reputation strategy. Here are some of the general rules of thumb for content development in the industry:

  • Make sure you content is unique – search engines know when content is duplicated. If an article is posted for a second time, that result, blog post, or content page will not perform well. It can even harm the content used on the original post.
  • The length needs to be reasonable – a one hundred word post or content is sufficient for blogging platforms like Facebook or Tumblr. However, blogs like websites needs content that is at least three hundred words to be even considered in search engine crawlers.

There are many other content strategies, tips, and tricks that the Online Reputation Repair uses to optimize their content. However, these are part of the company’s strategy that differentiates them from other reputation management companies. For more information about those tips, tricks, and their services, contact them today using the link provided above.


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