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The Growth of Data

Whilst businesses have for many years done their best to analyse data drawn from their operations to better inform their strategic decisions, the growth and increasing sophistication of information technology allows data to have a bigger role than ever before. The growing use and reliance on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to track all aspects of business activity from raw materials to end-user details has turned data into one of the most precious commodities that a business can have.

The Need for Safe Storage

The loss of any business documentation can be costly and embarrassing, ruining a business reputation that may have taken years to build. Lost contracts, legal documents, orders and emails can bring a business to its knees.

With the plethora of data being gathered by businesses now so important, making sure that the data isn’t lost or compromised is essential. Attacks from computer hackers can corrupt and destroy data and can often have a knock-on effect by then being spread to suppliers and customers. Floods, fires or burglaries at company premises can destroy servers and render data useless. Less dramatically, but equally as valid, some data needs to be kept secure to comply with the legal requirements operational in that sector.

And it’s not just businesses that need to keep their data safe. There are also schools, universities, charities and hospitals – the list is long and growing. Sadly, many businesses and organisations only realise the importance of keeping their data safe after they’ve experienced the devastating effect that data loss can cause.

Secure online storage gives peace of mind that precious data is being well looked after and will be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. By being stored away from the business premises, the data is kept safe from any incidents that may occur at the premises and is protected from malicious software attacks by layers of intelligent and rigorous digital security. Online storage providers are helping owners of businesses of all sizes to sleep easier at night.

How to Choose Online Storage

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an online storage provider. Essentially, the data being stored needs to be fully encrypted and protected for maximum security. Ideally, the data needs to be encrypted before it leaves the company computers, using 256 bit encryption, and transferred via a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer. The data should be compressed before being transferred to make the process quicker and reduce storage space. The servers on which it is stored need to be regularly monitored and managed, and there needs to be excellent technical support to assist with the simplest or most complex of enquiries. Overall, the storage system needs to be efficient and straightforward so that businesses can quickly recover from any data issues. Another factor for consideration is the location of the provider, with some choosing to use providers in their own country whilst others choose providers based abroad.


Keeping data safe is a necessary and important part of modern business life. Choosing to store data online is a wise choice for any size of business, providing peace of mind, extremely high levels of security and a better way of working.

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