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Instead of spending time on idle chatter on social media platforms, amateur writers are finding constructive ways to channelize their energies. Contentmart is like a boon for those who like to make some pocket money while pursuing a creative hobby – writing!

For serious professional content writers, this platform takes away their hassles of having to make strong pitches in finding new clients again and again. Freelance writers are often dogged down by the burden of finding steady and repeat work. Contentmart caters to just this need very well.

An intuitive system, it is a hotbed for those looking to make money via their writing skills. It also gives writers an opportunity to try their hand at a plethora of fields, and not just limited to one area of expertise. Sometimes, writers find it difficult to reach out to varied types of clients. But with Contentmart, it is fairly easy to scroll over the list of open jibs and simply bid on those where you are interested. Sooner or later, you will definitely get some job that you have been vying for.

Freelance writing is a serious business. People have been able to make a living out of it, especially as the whole world has shrunk and come close in the technological age of today. A portal like Contentmart allows one to work from just about anywhere, even while on vacation! One just needs an internet connection and a laptop to make money while on the go!

Contentmart Is Like An Addiction – A Healthy One!

Of late, the company has also added a tag of a ‘Verified Writer’. Content writers who get themselves verified by way of completing some samples and few tests, get a preferential treatment by clients. The profile builder on the platform allows you to suggest your areas of expertise as a writer, upload few samples and also exchange message chatting with the clients, very practical and useful features in the content writing business.

As a step to make things more traceable and to protect the writer’s interests, the portal prohibits sharing of attachments for submitting a job, so that the client can get the finished product in a word processing document only after he/she has ‘accepted’ the same. That way, the writer gets his/her payment surely for the hard work done.

Innovation and ever evolving are evident in the way Contentmart is trying to make things smoother and better for its users. The international jobs are being paid in USD via PayPal payment gateway for smooth transition. This is very practical and convenient for writers. Freelance writersassociated with the site are thus growing in multitudes. Quality and transparency of service that the company stands for is reason for its phenomenal success in such a short span.


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