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Patent Mapping Helps You In Detailed Planning For Your Future Endeavors

Patent Mapping is a way ahead from R&D that any business can take advantage of. In Patent Mapping minute results, possibilities and patent data are clustered on a sheet so that you can visualize the future of a business with the dot points. Patent maps need not be for just one purpose, but can be used in general. When you combine multiple patent maps it is possible that you might see something new which couldn’t be derived from a solo map.

More than 200 maps have been produced, and people can get matters depending upon their objective and purpose. These maps are graphical presentation of different information from many sources.  There were different formats of patent maps like excel, PowerPoint, Access but now with new tools like, Dashboard, have provided more interactive sessions.

Patent Mapping Helps You In Detailed Planning For Your Future Endeavors

Although Aaron Minc, is internet defamation lawyer, but has graduated from CWRU School of law as a business attorney. He says that patent mapping not only helps in making strategies and decisions. These patent mapping include –

  • Progress of competitors
  • Associations of all companies
  • Universities and their associations
  • Trend of investors
  • Development trend
  • Geographical distributions
  • Future market
  • New technologies and their effects
  • Diversification

There are various ways in which patent and mapping help in a business

  • Predict future
  • Companies predict patent
  • Way of mapping
  • Mapping and its method

Predict future

Patent helps in understanding what’s standing as a hindrance in future. Often we cannot predict our future but just by connect dots you can accurately get your lead. By identifying the red areas you can always improve your business, which helps you in protecting and representing your business.

Companies predict patent

There are various companies in the market who help you analyzing the potential. They have advance techniques to analyze the patent future. They create a map of patent that can be visualized and if applied can help save money and time.

Way of mapping

Mapping involves collecting information, which is examined and visualized accordingly. The information should be related to the domain, technology and possible competitors. The company who is helping you should be well versed in this dimension. They are helping you with information, which would be beneficial for economic intelligence.

Mapping and its method

One of the most important methods is mapping. Through mapping anyone can understand the trend, the requirement and essentiality of a business. The mapping is represented in the shape of graphs or maps with different lines connecting the dots and showing the trends.

It is necessary that patent mapping should be promoted. This can be done by institutions. They can first understand deeply the purpose behind patent mapping. It is not possible for small companies, ventures, or universities to start using patent mapping as it requires lot of investment of human resources to gather information, economic sources and time.

Patent mapping is created in the variety of joint project. Experts who have worked on patent analysis are specialized in each field. More than twenty thousand patents are taken out and then analyzed with different methods to perform this task.


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