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Point of sale software is used by retail businesses to process transactions, keep track of payroll and employee time sheets, and much more. These days most medium to large retail stores use this type of software because it saves them a lot of time and a lot of work.

POS Software for Clothing Stores

POS software serves different functions for different types of stores. For example, in a clothing store, the POS software serves to keep track of the prices of items in categories such as pants, shirts, dresses, shoes and accessories. It helps the retail business determine how many of an item they have in a particular size, color or style. At the end of the business day, most POS software allows store managers to view their sales numbers for the day, broken down into categories. This helps store managers determine which clothing items they need to order more of based on how many have sold. For example, if the store sells a particular shirt in small, medium, large and extra-large, the POS software can tell them that their stock of large shirts is gone but their stock of small and medium shorts are still in. Before POS software, this type of information had to be figured out manually.

Point Of Sale Software Explained

POS Software For Toy Stores

A toy store will likely have a more detailed inventory than a clothing store would. Price points also vary more frequently and the POS software helps toy store managers determine which model toys are selling and which ones aren’t. For example, the green Power Ranger may be selling like hotcakes while the blue Power Ranger may be selling significantly less. POS software can also often help a store maintain and easily access gift registries for customers. When a customer purchases an item off of a gift registry, POS software will automatically make note of which registry items have sold and which items have not. This can help store employees advise customers against purchasing a registry item someone else has already purchased.

Other Functions Of POS Software

Many retail stores have eliminated the cumbersome time clock in favor of POS software that allows employees to clock in and out for their shifts and their breaks. At the end of the business day, a report is automatically generated and emailed to store managers so that they can see when each employee worked. This saves time for the payroll department because it is easy to figure out paychecks based on these reports.

Many POS software systems also allow store employees to check if a particular item is in stock in the store, and if so, how many there are. Before POS software someone would have to go manually look for stock. POS software saves retail stores a lot of time and money.

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Point of Sale Software

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