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There could be two reasons why you should contact an Alexandria VA storage company. The first of course is when you are shifting your household goods or office set-up from one place to another. You might be wondering, why the hell you should call a storage company to help you move your belongings? Well, this needs a small explanation.  Although these are known as storage companies it is only a part of their identity. They are primarily packers and movers who have added the storage aspect to their portfolio. The second reason for calling such a company could be that you need extra storage space for storing your property.

Storage Services

The Alexandria VA storage company that you contact can offer stand alone storage services either for short term or for long period for residential as wee as commercial purposes. There can be so many reasons why such need might crop up. You are perhaps planning to move to a bigger home and have started buying furniture in advance and need space to store it for a few days or some months. It could also be that you are looking for additional storage space for a couple of years. Here is how the company will handle things for you.

  • You can entrust them with wrapping the goods and load it in storing pods. If you want to do it on your own, then just call for a portable container from them and load it with the goods.
  • You will be allotted personal storage vaults in their warehouse where the goods will be taken for storage.
  • When you are ready to take back the goods, call them and they will arrange to deliver the goods back to you and unwrap it as instructed.

Safe and Secure Storage

A reputed Alexandria VA storage company offers highly secured storage facility. They are licensed and approved by the government and military. They are experts in professional wrapping of goods that are stored in vaults allocated to individuals that are only accessible by the warehouse manager. All items are recorded in the list of inventory and stored in proper condition.

Summer Storage for Students

This is a unique storage facility that has been worked out exclusively for the benefit of college and university students. Students often want to park their belongings in safe custody during college breaks or term end. These companies offer special services to help students with affordable storage space that can be used to store their belongings for short period. The packing and pick up is arranged from dorms or hostels and when the term ends it is delivered at the place where students desire. The movement of goods can happen over short or long distances with equal ease. The list of inventory that is received is shared with its owner and there is complete protection of the goods as it is covered by basic valuation insurance free of cost.

With any Alexandria VA storage company, it is now easy to handle your belongings without having to worry about where and how to store them.


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