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Today, life is as simple as walking around with a PC in your hand, pocket, and bag or any other place. That is the major outcome of the smartphones produced by various companies. For Apple, IPhone is one of the products that has had huge sales over the years globally since they launched it in the market. Some of the things that make this gadget get a high demand from the market is use of different apps and features. In as much as the apps are useful and beneficial, it is important to take note of the service providers who facilitate the acquisition of these apps and one of them is www.general-play.com Here are some apps that will definitely blow your mind away:

5 Of The Best Free IPhone Apps That Your Gadget Should Not Miss

1.      Adobe Photoshop Exp

Until recently, the order of the day when it came to editing the photo mainly rotated on either the use of a desktop or a laptop. However, this is not the case at the moment, because of the several photo shop options that have emerged recently. Adobe put all efforts together to dispel the myth of only using PCs for editing photos. With Adobe Photoshop Express, the IPhones and other iOS gadgets are better off in using all the kind of features they want in editing photos.

2.      Brewster

Many people like to have features in their phones that enable easy management of their contacts. Brewster is definitely one of these features as it enables to access social network places and getting images of various people  you are well familiar with and works much better when it is an access  to the IPhone contacts and both Facebook and twitter.

3.      The Dashlane

For elegance and good security app, this is the ultimate solution. This is because it plays the role of password manager as well as digital wallet support and so forth. It works efficiently as one of the modes of saving information of things you may purchase online in lieu of having to check and save the information through email confirmation. The good news is that the information you store using this app remains under encryption until you decide to unlock it. It makes this possible whilst having the capability to synchronize several bits of information across a number of devices inclusive of the IPhone.

4.      Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the apps that advocate for a high level of organization in your device. If your device has files and folders that are all over the place, then using the Dropbox will significantly make things much better in your device by ensuring that there is an atmosphere of order. This tool lets you store and maintain your files in the cloud where you can easily access them from any point. The tool has a mere interface, fast syncing capabilities across several accounts and easy means of uploading.

5.      EasyDo

If you have been looking for a personal assistant, then your wishes come true with this app. EasyDo plays the role of a personal assistant and a good automation machine. Connection of the app to a number of online services such as calendar, Facebook, email among others, ensures that EasyDo looks for things you can easily have them done like update of notifications and inquiries by the app whether you would like to add a certain contact. This is among the best iphone app for 2013.


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