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Your second hand car might have been through years of previous travels, bumps and scrapes, but it is now your baby to look after. You’re going to need the best extended insurance deals to keep it in tiptop shape.

Assured Extended Used Vehicle Warranty

When you buy extended warranty for car, you want a deal that extensively covers as much repairing and replacing of parts as possible. A comprehensive coverage that provides formidable covering or discounting on the majority of your car’s parts and even full coverage for certain parts. A used car can come with all kinds of irregular features or modifications, so it’s great to have a plan that will cover odd features in a used car.

The possible oddities in your used car means that extra efforts must be taken to fix or find such parts. A used car will unfortunately often be more likely to breakdown than a new one, and these untraditional parts may need a longer than usual time period to fix or replace. This insurance policy ensures you have a rental car at your disposal for the duration of repairs.

Enjoy Extensive Services of your Choice

This extended warranty includes the towing of your car in the event of you being stuck. Losing a key is a frustrating an immobilizing experience. Having a locksmith on hand to get you out of these kinds of jams is a breath of fresh air.

Has your car broken down far from home? Enjoy a comfortable accommodation for up to five days. It’s not hard to imagine why you need to buy extended warranty for car.

Providing a Helping Hand

Every person has a different lifestyle, with different needs. We all find ourselves in a spot of trouble from time to time. We all have differing opinions on what is important and what isn’t.

A simple and helpful set of options has been provided for you, tailored especially for the varying lifestyles of our countless clients across Australia. Look at our options and make a comprehensive car insurance comparison.

The Best Option for You

There are a few different insurance options for you to enjoy, depending on your budget and needs. Read through these three different insurance options and choose the one you believe to be most suitable.

Of course it’s vital to have all of the angles covered. A car accident can be highly damaging to both your body and that of the other driver, not to mention your wallets. The best outcome of a car accident involves both parties coming to an amicable agreement and making it safely through this horrible instance.

With No Insurance you are covered for injuries sustained in an accident. With Third Party Insurance you are covered for damages inflicted on another’s vehicle and property. With Comprehensive Insurance you and the other driver are completely covered for all of the assets involved.

Choosing the right insurance is a difficult process that requires careful planning and analysis coupled with the right comprehensive car insurance comparison you will make the right choice.


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