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If you have not shopped at the queen Victoria market, then you really need to cross off this major experience from your life. It is a shopping experience like no other. Looking at photos of the market and reading about it does not begin to cover how amazing it is. It needs some real life involvement and if you find yourself in Melbourne, you should not pass up the chance to do this. Why is this market so famous? It is probably because it is so old. It has been a thriving part of Melbourne for more than a 100 years and it also happens to be one of the biggest markets in the world. It covers around two city blocks, so checking out everything that is on offer should take you quite a bit of time. On the positive side, it is a fun way of spending a day there. You can entertain yourself by buying tiny gifts and exploring new foods and clothes. It is quite possible to spend a whole day there and not exhaust it completely.


So what are the major things that you need to observe when you finally get a chance to go shop at this market? You should always carry money with you. This means real money and not just credit cards. This market is comprised of a lot of small stalls that deal with coins and small bills. You would be well advised to carry that with you if you plan on making purchases while you are there. So check your wallet before you get there and decide whether you need to stop somewhere before to get the needed money. If you are serious about making a number of purchases, it might be helpful if you make a list. List everything you need down so you can go ticking off whatever you purchase. That way you will not forget something vital and you can ask for directions if you cannot find a particular item.


Since you will be doing a lot of walking, you need to make sure that you have appropriate shoes for walking. You might want to wear something else other than your favourite expensive shoes unless you were planning on wearing them out. Dress comfortably so you will not be tempted to abandon your shopping trip because you are too tired to do any more walking.


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