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As competitions are ever increasing in the market it is the prime responsibility of the business owners to protect their business from any fraudulent activities. The issue is more series with the business done through the World Wide Web mode. A proactive approach will always pay a dividend in protecting the business from such frauds.

Use Of Protective Tools
As most businesses are happening online using the internet there are number of tools available in the market. These tools are programs of software exclusively designed to safeguard your online business. One such is the popularly known as identity verification software which is mainly designed to check the identity of your prospective customers in both retail as well as commercial segments.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
Getting the identity verification software is a first step of preventing the online business frauds. The specially designed software program recognizes the deceptive persons before the fraud happens in your system. The software stats investigating all the possible scenarios by asking various details from your customers like Social Security Number (SSN) and other key identifications concerned with business. The program is too sensitive to identify even the potential synthetic ID’s. The best part the software lies with its ability to perform and configure the customer hotlist who use different address while during any frauds. The identity verification software works like a true companion in your business operations with due diligence by reducing your possible risk of becoming a poor victim to the fraudulent activities.

In general this specific software program uses the telephone or mobile phones for the purpose of verification or any authentication. By providing a onetime pin code through a telephone call, the program compels the user to provide some traceable date and thereby makes an audit trail. Such technological advancements reduce frauds, spam and even the bulk data registrations. Once the identity verification software is installed the rate of fraud reduction reaches over 90% which saves your business with a considerable margin. This is inline with the old adage that says “prevention is better than cure”. The accuracy of the prevention depends on many factors the usage of case and even the demography of the user.

Unlimited Users
The new tool identity verification software has been widely used by many individuals as well as organizations. The list of major users includes e-commerce websites, cloud service providers, social networking operators, fraud prevention services , advertises and so on.

The software can be easily integrated with any platform driven applications used by the client websites. Most of the this specific software providers give the extensive documentation for guiding the integration process. The identity verification software seamlessly integrates with the system so that y-business clients who use your website need not leave the website while the integration process is on. The software program is very much compatible with all the web programming languages and technologies used by your clients.In general the program is expected to work efficiently with the popular REST API which can be easily carried with an HTTP or even the HTTPS connections.

One has to protect the business websites as more frauds are increasing everyday in the internet. This will give you an insight about the need of the Identity Verification Software, which is a boon to your safe and steady business.


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