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The Internet can be regarded as the best invention of the past century. What started off as a small, time-saving experiment in the labs at CERN has developed into the world’s largest network of information sharing. However, the internet is not just a source of information anymore. Its real-world implications have grown far beyond the expectations that the developers originally had. Today, people use the internet for just about anything. You can use it to meet new people, to buy goods, to find out about the latest trends, and to stay up to date with information from all around the globe.

Perhaps the biggest implication of the internet is the growth of online businesses. Previously, starting your own business was a big challenge. Entrepreneurs needed a considerable amount of capital just to rent a store and then purchase inventory that they could sell. Nowadays, any person with ambition can set up their store. All you need is a website, a distribution system, and a quality product. The growth of the internet has allowed businesses to set up different distribution systems as well. Since anybody can order from anywhere around the world, most local businesses have partnered up with shipping companies to ship their goods to different parts of the globe.

However, finding a decent company that offers the cheapest sea freight rates can be difficult. Sea freight is generally used by companies that don’t have any urgent deliveries to make. For urgent deliveries, you should consider air cargo. However, sea freight is significantly cheaper than air cargo, which is likely why so many businesses prefer to use it. Here are a few tips on how to get the cheapest sea freight rates.

Compare Different Businesses

Rather than sticking to one company, you should compare the freight rates offered by different businesses and then make a decision. For instance, the sea freight rates from Pallet2Ship are widely regarded as the cheapest in the region. There are numerous websites through which you can compare sea freight rates before deciding on the best option for your business.

Since you will be sending the items in bulk, it’s imperative you choose the most affordable option. Even a difference of a few pennies can have a huge impact on the total shipping costs. Since most businesses generally offer free shipping to their clients, it’s important that you choose the right option.

Loyalty Discounts

There are plenty of local shipping companies that offer loyalty discounts to their customers. If you have been shipping goods through the same company for several months, you might be eligible for a loyalty discount. This discount will reduce the shipping costs further and allow you to maximise your profits. It’s a wise choice for small business owners who have difficulty factoring in the shipping costs while selling their goods.

These are basic tips for getting a better price when it comes to shipping your goods. If you are careful and do your research before shipping your products, you can easily get a decent price.


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