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If you’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of the technology world, then you may be aware of the advances made in one particular field: that of electronic cigarettes. Things are changing, and some of the changes mean extreme improvements in the e-cigarette experience.

2-Piece E-Cigarettes

The biggest movement in the electronic cigarette world is toward 2-piece electronic cigarette apparatuses. The most widespread apparatus consists of 3 pieces—battery, cartridge, and atomizer—and some older models even have 4 pieces. 2-piece e-cigs will offer users a cheaper and easier experience, make the cigarette lighter, and hopefully lead to further improvements in the field.

New Patents

The newest patent for electronic cigarettes is for a soft padded electronic cartridge, a new step in making electronic cigarettes feel even more like their traditional counterparts. The soft padded cartridges will offer users a feeling similar to that of holding a genuine cigarette, which the patent creators hope will encourage more widespread use and help the product appeal to an even wider range of people.

All the advances in e-cigarette technology are only working to stimulate the buzz surrounding them, and to encourage new advances in the field. Already there are such creative options for e-cigarette smokers like decorated cartridges and flavored vapors, making the e-cig experience more fun and more personalized.

FDA, American Cancer Society, Experts and Celebrities Weigh In

The biggest news about e-cigarettes by far, though, is how many people are starting to give their opinions and speak out about electronic cigarettes. A recent study done by a top university has shown that there is definitely a significant difference between smoking a traditional cigarette and smoking an electronic cigarette, and that e-cigarettes are proven to be better for your health. The FDA and the American Cancer Society are not enthused about the product, though many experts recommend electronic cigarettes as a tremendous alternative to cigarettes if you have been unable to find success. And many celebrities have also emerged as proponents for e-cigarettes, citing this new technology as an extreme help in their battle against nicotine addiction. You can also find reviews by everyday people on blogs and sites like

The design and technology behind electronic cigarettes are both groundbreaking, and more and more former smokers are coming out in support of these new machines. According to one former smoker’s electronic cigarette review, e-cigs were the only thing that could help her make the transition into a nicotine free life. Electronic cigarettes are for all types of people, and anyone looking to find an alternative to traditional cigarettes should consider this to be a worthwhile investment.


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