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Most consumers are not even aware of the type of products they use every day. This is why brands take marketing seriously.

For your target customers to be aware that they need a product, they should know what it is first and understand the value it holds for them.

While talking about this now might sound like doing this is just a walk in the park, it is much more complicated than it seems.

This scenario is very true in plenty of industries and marketing SaaS products is certainly part of this. This is why most SaaS companies face steep difficulties in marketing their products.

To overcome this, some even go out of their way to hire a marketing agency for SaaS companies just to ensure they can appeal to the right people with the right message.

However, if you think getting a specialized marketing agency partner is not something your company can do, there are certain ways you can do to market your product.

What is SaaS?

Before we talk about simple marketing tactics you can use to promote your business, users should know first what SaaS is.

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service,” which in itself is pretty self-explanatory. In business terms, SaaS is a business model that allows the distribution of software over the internet. A SaaS provider hosts their application from their servers while letting its customers use it online through an account for a fee via a browser.

Though users can still install software on their computers at home, SaaS does not need installation.

Due to technological advancements in recent years that have allowed high bandwidth internet browsing, using SaaS is easily achievable for everyday users.

When marketing SaaS products, there are a couple of advantages that you can use to help define its uses.

It is on-demand

Because there is no need for users to install the software, they can use certain software whenever they please.

With just a monthly subscription to the software, they can have their files saved in the Cloud instead of saving it locally on a device.

This is very convenient for most customers because they can access their files wherever they can connect to the internet.

No requirement

Also, users are not required to purchase new and powerful hardware to be able to run the software needed.

In SaaS products, processing tools are already done in the Cloud by the service provider. This eliminates hefty set-up costs because the software is ready to be used the instant a customer completes the subscription process. 

Scalable usage

Scalable usage means that users can easily get additional services or other functionality such as more storage or better functionality without making any other hardware changes.

Updates are also automatically pushed online by SaaS providers to ensure that all customers are using the most up-to-date versions.


One of the most crucial advantages of using SaaS is its unparalleled accessibility.

Because SaaS applications are served and accessed through the internet, any user can start using the software in essentially any device and wherever they are. Provided that they have a strong internet connection.

Flexible payment

Users will not have to shell out a big chunk of money upfront just to purchase a software that would otherwise cost too much for an end-user to purchase. By spreading the cost on a monthly scheme, users do not feel the burden of buying a service.

How to ace SaaS marketing?

If you are planning to undertake SaaS marketing in-house, your company should be prepared to do it all – from planning out your marketing strategy, laying out your branding strategy, handling social media, as well as establishing sales channels to capture your target audience.

However, if you are thinking of simple steps you can do now to improve your business’ performance, take note of these seven tips that will be useful in the long run:

1. Simplify the sign-up process

One of the key steps to establishing a connection with your potential customers is to be able to get their contact information as soon as possible.

If your sign-up form requires more information than you would use, then you might just be turning potential customers away instead of capturing their business.

Simplify your sign-up process by trimming the amount of information you need before they pay. You can do this by enabling them to complete their details at a later time, once they have completed their name, contact details, and payment info.

2. Provide free product trials

Nobody wants to commit to a month-to-month payment scheme without having a good look at what they are signing up for.

Using free product trials to motivate potential customers to eventually sign-up is a tried-and-tested SaaS marketing technique that will help you in customer acquisition.

By doing this, people will be able to experience your service’s features and realize its benefits. Once people start using the product you are offering, it will also be easier for you to get them to transition into a paid subscription.

3. Offer limited choices

Putting plenty of product plans to choose from might just confuse potential customers, which could even discourage them from signing up altogether.

Try to keep just two to three plans on offer to help your potential customers arrive at a decision much faster. Also, ensure that you can differentiate each plan’s features to help them find the package most appropriate to their requirements.

4. Invest in content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic approach that has the ability to create and disseminate applicable and valuable content that attracts and engages specific audiences.

This is also cost-effective, especially if you are able to consistently manage to churn out content to help you market your service.

Content marketing is not new. It has been around for quite some time and has seen wide-scale adoption across a multitude of industries. Despite this, it is proven time and time again that it is still viable and will remain so.

5. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

As with any businesses online, incorporating SEO in your SaaS marketing is a prerogative, especially if you are pushing through with content marketing.

These two work very well hand-in-hand, so it is just obvious to start your SEO along with your content marketing strategies to promote your business.

See to it that your initial plans cover the following:

  • Keyword strategy
  • Internal linking
  • Text optimization
  • Page load time review

6. Perform SaaS Upselling

Another effective technique to improve your margins is to target your existing customers. But what for?

By upselling your SaaS product, you are enabling your existing relationship with your customers to go on a deeper level.

Create a campaign targeted towards your existing user base to convince them to upgrade their existing plans and subscriptions. If you offer add-ons and premium services, this is also the right opportunity to hammer them out.

7. Partner with influencers

When marketing on social media, it is very easy to become caught up in putting money on advertisements just to improve your ad’s performance.

If you are in this situation, take the time to step back and think of a way to get more results without putting as much money.

Influencer marketing can be a great strategy that has great potential without hefty costs. After all, the influencers you are going after are not considered mainstream.

Ideal influencers for SaaS marketing should have established credibility in the field, has strong connections with business decision-makers, and usually have a medium to low number of followers.

Just take the time to search for the right influencer for your business and reach out immediately.

How to retain customers in your SaaS business?

Once you are able to apply these tips, your focus should shift to customer retention. After all, there is no sense in doing all the above techniques only to see your potential customers flock after their trial periods.

See to it that your product is delivering on its promises. Keep refining your user experience and regularly engage your customers by getting their feedback and listening to their concerns.

These techniques should help you succeed in marketing your SaaS product and see notable improvements to your business.


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