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Coolest New Gadgets For Automotives 2014

Each and every year different automotive accessories enter the market. And the ones you include in your vehicle express components of your personality. If you are the kind of entertainment liking person then you will add entertainment gadgets to your car, while if you are the time conscious ones then automatically you will go for the speed gadgets. Generally while referring to the automotive you include bikes, motorcycles and even the boats. Below are some of the Coolest New Gadgets for Automotives 2014:

The Cell-Control

· This majorly deals with the backseat driving. For instance a person is likely to cause an accident if he or she is driving while texting, this is majorly due to the reduced concentration. The cell control now comes in that it helps you in controlling your phone even while you are driving. At least with its appearance in the market, accidents have reduced.

The Grip Strip

· This Gadget of 2014 keeps a person safe while driving.

· We have the habit of using our phones while still driving far more frequent than we should. With the coming of the GPS system using the phone in automotive has increased, since it is considered much applicable in the search for direction. Nevertheless this habit is quite dangerous and usually results to accidents. If you want to keep your phone away from your hands while driving and still find your way out, then you will require this 2014 gadget the grip strip.

Coolest New Gadgets For Automotives 2014

The 2014 Dooner Seat Transformer

· This hi-tech gadget generally transforms your car seat into a stroller.

· For instance when you get a baby, you will require several things like the bedding, food, clothing and maybe the accessories to move them from place to place, and to make all this easy to achieve and less tiresome then you require a stroller to push the baby along. And now that’s where the 2014 dooner seat transformer comes in.

The Magic Tank

· This 2014 automotive gadget comes in whenever your car runs out of Gas.

· Almost everyone has gone through this disappointing ordeal. Your gas tank runs out just suddenly and you left there not knowing where to head to for help. If you had this magic tank then believe me the era of disappointments is over.

The 2014 Eight Minute Tire Repairer

· This cool automotive gadget will swiftly repair your car tires whenever they get spoilt.

· There is nothing more disappointing than being late for job then suddenly your car gets a puncture, you will surely cry it out and regret having not got this 8 minute tire repairer gadget.

The Air Man High Performance Air Compressor

· This gadget also works for the deflated tires.

· The air man compressor helps you to air up or blow up an inflatable jungle gym quite easily and quickly. So in case you were catching on something, then you won’t feel disappointed on inconvenienced by the deflated tire or something.


· With the above 2014 coolest automotive gadgets life has been made smooth and everything appears to be graduating to the hi-tech world. It’s quite noting that even without undergoing a driving practical test, an individual is able to quickly learn how to drive just by use of the increasing automotive gadgets.


New Gadgets For Automotives

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