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Sensocon is one of the leading American manufacturers of differential pressure, air velocity and flow products. The company understands clients’ requirements and delivers according to their needs which earnsit a good business. It supplies a different range of products to the HVAC industry and other organisations for commercial purposes. Also a range of differential pressure transmitter and differential pressure gauge is provided to clients in various fields. To know more, keep reading below:

Sensocon Differential Pressure Transmitter

Sensocon differential pressure transmitter is used in a variety of applications and systems to check positive, negative or differential pressure. After checking the pressure the transmitter sends a corresponding green signal to another device like panel meter, PLC and other data acquisition devices. Sensocon has different pressure transmitters for checking air, gases and liquids. The wet differential pressure transmitter is used for measuring liquids. All of the differential pressure transmitters come with a 4-20 mA output and sometimes with an optional 0-10 V output. It is also available with different accuracies from 1% to 0.25%. All the products are also offered with NIST traceable certificate of calibration.

Sensocon Differential Pressure Gauge

The differential pressure gauge is used in a variety of applications and systems to observe positive, negative or differential pressure. Sensocon also offers a wide range of mechanical differential pressure gauges to meet specific needs which range from low-cost small differential pressure gauges to expensive multi-function gauges. Sensocon also specializes in customizing gauges for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). They offer custom scales for differential pressure gauges with multi-colour scales when required by the clients. Customizing in social packaging followed by custom hardware packs and housing modifications is also a part of the customizing process of Sensocon. The products offered by them are primarily for low-pressure applications for air and compatible gases. The common applications include checking the filter status in HVAC systems, static pressure in ducts, room pressure, building pressure, glove box pressure, dust collectors, damper control, measurement of air velocity, paint booths, air flow in industrial ovens, laminar flow hoods and many other applications that need the measurement of positive, negative or differential pressure.

The above-mentioned products are offered by Sensocon. So, if you are in need of procuring such products for your business, get in touch with Sensocon for further details.


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