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With the evolution of mankind, technology has also witnessed a change at a very rapid pace. With the onset of this technological era, our bare necessities can be made available to us just by a single click. It is possible to go around anywhere without having to bother about the conveyance and the time of the day. With app, your taxi would reach you in just a single click’s time. Now you do not have to worry even if you are stranded on an island like Cyprus. With this wonder app, you can roam around the entire Cyprus without having to worry about the way to your destination.

How this App Works?

The way this app works is absolutely marvelous. The app connects you with the nearby taxi operators by taking in your destination as input. In just a minute’s time, you would receive the contact details of the driver. With this app on your smartphone, you do not have to worry about being in a Wi-Fi zone or not because the app sends you the details via text message as well.

How can you get this App?

This app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store or the Apple Store based on the operating system of your phone. After successful installation of this app on your smartphone, the app asks you certain questions for security reasons. After completing the registration process you are now ready to use the app to book your taxi and have a comfortable ride to your desired location.

Salient Features of this App

This app has become very popular among travelers who have visited Cyprus for business or on leisure trips. Some of the salient features of this app are as follows:

Keeping in mind the most common problem which foreign travelers face, this app is available in seven different languages.

The drivers of the cab booked via this app are licensed and have a complete know-how about all the tourist places of that city. So you can easily rely on them to take you to your desired location in the shortest span of time.

The app easily locates your location; hence you do not have to face the hassle of explaining the driver your location. As soon as the cab is booked from your app, the taxi driver would call you up and would reach you instantly.

A tourist can also avail the cab facilities from Igogo app for exploring the city closely. Also, if someone has come to Larnaca for an official purpose, he/she can also avail the corporate services offered by the Igogo app.

You do not have to worry about the fare of your ride as the app can estimate the fare. Also, each taxi has an official meter which shows the fare at the end of the trip. Thus, you have to pay the amount to the driver only that too after the end of your trip.

These features make this app one of the most useful apps which should be present on your smartphone if you are traveling to an unknown country or city.


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