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There are various mistakes and errors people perform while doing SEO for their projects. And Below we have listed few of them that would help you recover you.

Pages with a Small Amount of Content and Special Pages

This refers to pages that contain too little text, graphics, video and audio, or do not contain it at all. To correct these errors, there are two ways: optimization by adding more content or by de-indexing smaller length content pages. In most cases, user profiles have the potential to attract search traffic, but the pages themselves do not contain little or no content. Exceptions are the social networks. In most cases, the page is closed from indexation.

Pages with Duplicate or Non-unique Content

As name suggests, we should avoid the duplicate or stolen content, if you are still doing good with them but be ware at any time in future you could be hunt by Google search algo update.

Non-optimized Image

It is necessary to register in the alt-parameter file name and a description of what is shown in the picture. The text can be generated automatically or manually write, depending on specific conditions. As a result, traffic can be obtained from the search of the images.

Non-optimized or Non-unique Title

If you think like, you have optimized the content and you have optimized the images too but you are taking title easily, be ware if your page’s title is exact same to some existing page then consider that page would get more preference as it is existing already.

Weak Coverage of Keyword

For maximum coverage to collect the full keyword core, then distribute the keywords on the pages of the site. In the absence of relevant pages – create the necessary partition functionality or page.

The Lack of Online Functionality and Content that Attracts Search Engine Traffic

Knowing the keywords in their field and looking at examples, it is possible to stumble upon ideas about what should be the structure of the site and what functionality is designed to create relevant pages. For example, if your topic has questions “how to “, “what if” section of the “questions and answers” definitely gets traffic. But if you site would get the bad functionality that consider, slowly the visitors engagement would reduce and as engagement would reduce then search engine would get the signal that you are not doing good. So, you should not create a mess while doing on page SEO or while bringing functionality to increase visitor’s engagements.

This was all about the most basic or fundamental mistakes that everyone repeats or ignores in their SEO project. So, if your house base is not strong it might fall, so consider the similar with the SEO project because at the end stage (while you are entering in the top page) site ranking would go down and you would have to face a bad time. So better choose some professional services like SEO Services in Kerala.


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